Meniere's Disease can be treated

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In this article I shall explain how I treat Meniere's Disease.

How I treat Meniere's Disease

One morning I woke up with a ringing left ear.The volume began increasing day by day.I didn’t pay much attention to that.However one day the the level of noise reached its peak and I couldn’t take it anymore .The noise was unbearable and I felt a fullness in my leftear.After about an hour I started getting the feeling of light headedness that finally led to a violent vertigo.I took Crocin and other drugs that stop vertigo but in vain.Initially I couldn’t make out what was causing the vertigo and I thought it was due to excessive body gas(as I suffering from an acute gastro oesophageal reflux disease at the same time).After a day I was again lying down with vertigo for several hours.I got attacked every other day which made me realize that whenever the noise level was at its peak along with a feeling of fullness in the ear vertigo starts.

I went to an ENT who prescribed me with drugs for Meniere’s Disease.For a week I was okay but again the attacks returned.I went to another ENT who told me that I will have to deal with this for the rest of my life and that the attacks are sudden and a definite cause or cure hasn’t been discovered yet.I felt like dying.But my folks didn’t give up.They took me to a Homeopathy doctor who prescribed me with Kali Bichrom 200 (liquid).That one dose has changed my life.Yes even after taking that dose the noise increased very much but after about 48 hours the volume got very low and now the volume is at a very tolerable level.
Whenever you feel a fullness in your ear and that the noise level is going up take Kali Bichrom 200( non liquid) twice daily with a gap of 12 hours between each dosage.I usually take 4 doses of the non liquid Kali Bichrom 200 when i feel my ears ringing and getting a bit heavy.

Note:The dose should be very powerful.Even after taking that dose you will have to take other precautions like staying away from ice creams and other cold stuffs and even ACs.Meniere’s Disease can also be caused by worms in the body.So try to avoid sweets.And drink less fluid and don’t eat salty stuffs a lot.Don’t take another dose if the attacks don’t return.Kali Bichrom is the best medicine for any kind of ear trouble.Do consult a doctor if the attacks don’t go away.Good luck !


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