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Menopause can be easy to deal with naturally, use herbal remedies

Menopause age

You can stay healthy and happy through menopause in the natural approach, You wake unexpectedly one night boiling hot, suddenly you have a bout of the tip-of-the -tongue forgetfulness, or maybe your period starts early one month and you don't think anything of it. Most of us are so focused on menopause happening in our fifties that the little first signs in our forties often go unnoticed.

A successful way of your next stage of life, it is important to understand what is happening to you, so in this way you can minimise and manage troublesome symptoms. Be kinder to yourself not every one will experience every symptom, and therapy doesn't always work for every one in the same way.

Perimenopause begins several years before menopause, when your ovaries gradually produce less oestrogen causing follicle-stimulating hormone which is responsible for growing and developing eggs, to rise and menstrual cycles to shorten. You will know when you are going into menopause from when your mother did at her age. The average age of menopause is fifty two. Smoking is the only other factor known to make a difference and brings on menopause one to two years earlier. Pregnancies, the pill, and age of first period and breast feeding don't affect the age of menopause.

Your cycle shortens by a day or two and thereafter by several days, and it may go from light to super-heavy, when you don't ovulate, the lining of the uterus which sheds during a period tends to overgrow thus causing the excessive bleeding.
Gradually you will have fewer and fewer menstrual cycles, which can be extremely heavy which coupled with an erratic cycle can be very inconvenient.

Once you get to the stage of three months without a period, you are likely to stop having your periods altogether within a year . All symptoms are at the worst for one to two years both before and after menopause because the decline in oestrogen accelerates the closer you are to menopause.


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10th Nov 2010 (#)

Life begins at 40, and so, does the menopausal stage stage. lol

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Good advice

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