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Everyone deserves a mental health day. This is a day you either call in sick at work, or skip school. You do not go out and have fun, but you stay home and do nothing.
It is even better if the day you choose is rainy and gloomly.
This will sort of give you a less guilty feeling being home and not doing anything

Choose an illiness

It is always a good idea to think of a reason for calling in at work before you actually make that call. A sudden stomach ache or sore throat are good, but sometimes not too
believable. Calling in while laying down is also a good idea. It can make you really sound sick.
Migraines are also a reason to stay at home, especially if you have dizziness.
Whatever reason you give, be convencing.

The day is yours

Now for the fun part. After you got the hard part out of the way, plan your special day at home. Do not take a shower, just stay in your pajamas.
It's your day, and you need to make the most of it.
Don't forget, this is not a day to catch up on laundry, or pay bills.
No cleaning or organizing today.
Start off with a good breakfast. Something you usually do not have time to fuss with.
Maybe pancakes or homemade muffins, hot chocolate is always comforting.
Eat your breakfast in bed. Turn on the television and just flip through the channels.
You do not have to watch anything special, unless you come across a movie or
show that catches your eye.
After watching television awhile, you might want to pick out a book or magazine to read.
Just prop you head on pillows and relax and read. Don't forget a little snack from the kitchen.
Just about now, you are probably ready for a nap. Just lay back and close your eyes.
Sometimes, this is the most restful sleep you can get. A nap is just what you need.

Almost over

Hopefully you had a good rest and are ready for some dinner.
Make something simple, yet special. Maybe open that special bottle of wine to go
with it.
Now, after dinner, back to television, this time relax on the couch and just put your
feet up. You do not want to fall asleep again this close to bedtime. Try to watch
something funny, that will make you laugh.


Well, the day is coming to an end. Was it everything you thought it would be?
Take a hot shower and put on some clean pajamas. Now, just fall into bed and sleep.
You deserved this day. Tommorow, when everyone asks you how you feel, you can
honestly say "Great".


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author avatar Pat Anthony
24th Oct 2011 (#)

Great tips. We should all do this! Think I will have one tomorrow.

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