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Mental depression is the most common disorder that the peoples suffers most.....

What is Depression ?

Mental depression is a spirit of excitement and easy mental easily tired, often emotional troubles and psychological and physiological symptoms of neurosis disorders. In the hospital for the treatment of patients with depression, 25% of patients with mental depression. In addition to the general symptoms of depression, mental depression, also has its own characteristics, such as hallucinations illusion.


The main symptoms. May at first in a short period of time performance ability of a variety of emotional experience diminished performance listless, not interested in all things. The patients feel that the "fault" and the immediate "things do not have in my mind, and linger not. Looking to the future bleak bleak joy of feeling completely disappear gradually germination weary of thinking. The heavy emotional depression always bring the remorse of guilt, the patient feels he has lost the ability to work as a waste or social parasites. Some of them exaggerate the general shortcomings and mistakes of the past into the unpardonable sin, repeated requests to deal with. Patients may refuse to eat or only willing to eat rice and evil delusions. An emotional suicide or self-punishment.

low thinking association
  Slow speech rate, speech, language less, response slow, a word of a move to overcome the enormous resistance. The most serious was the stupor state. Agitation in patients with depression, speech movements are significantly increased, anxiety, fear, excitement self-injury, a great danger.

Action to reduce
  The slow pace of a small number of severe cases of depression can be silent, without a word, in bed does not move, saying the depressive state of stupor. Suicide attempts and behavior is the most dangerous symptoms.

Somatic symptoms
  Patient gaunt old eyes retardation, poor appetite, physical decline, and reduce sweat and saliva secretion, constipation, loss of libido. Female patients often amenorrhea. Sleep disorders in order to wake up early the most prominent, the patient is often worse than before waking 2 to 3 h, after you wake up can no longer sleep, full of pessimism to wait for that day.

Depressive symptoms day and heavy night light

  Particularly depression early in the morning for.

Mental cause of depression

 Causes of depression. Mainly to the adverse social and psychological factors.

Social factors

  People living in society, life, health and disease, all with closely related to people's troubles, happiness, grief, comfortable, anxiety, all this to maintain or destroy the normal physiological function of emotions are closely connected with the community.

Psychological factors

  Life where the strong mental stress can cause serious trauma or unpleasant emotional experiences can become a psychological factor.

  General incentive obvious trauma, such misfortune in the life, career setbacks, without reuse, interpersonal and. Depression is also in close contact with the person's character, this patient's personality traits are generally introverted, withdrawn, sentimentality and dependence. The hazards of depression is great, it will completely change the world as well as interpersonal, or even to commit suicide to end their lives.

Clinical manifestations

 Nurses or housewives
  According to relevant survey, the incidence rate in the nursing profession in the first place. Usually in the care of others is not thanks to too much pressure and not to strengthen.

  Catering staff
  Among the professional nursing staff after the staff in the restaurant to provide catering services. Such services, low salary, heavy workload on a daily basis to find the people they serve. Ten percent reported that there have been in the past year depression, and depression in women in this area for almost fifteen percent of the general staff. This is also an often in the service of others are often not thank occupation. Not only to face the rude behavior of the people, will have to pay a lot of physical strength. When people's depression, it is difficult to have the strength and motivation to work, you have to work, the difficulty can be imagined.

   the social worker.
Such staff such a high rate of depression is not surprising. To help abused children or families at risk demanding, coupled with a lot of the bureaucracy, making it a great pressure all day long non-stop busy career. There is a culture that wanted to do well, it is necessary effort, and often have to make sacrifices. Social workers to deal with people who need help, do not pay a great sacrifice is probably very difficult.

  Health care workers
  Health care workers, including doctors, nurses, therapists and others end up paying a lot of return little or no career. Health care workers to work long hours, there is no law, and the lives of others are often clutched in his hands. Its pressure, non-a few charts that can be expressed. Every day they have to face the disease, suffering and death and dealing with family members of patients. This profession can make people change the view of the world as a whole, that is, this is a people sad world.

  Artists, entertainers and writers
  Type of employment income instability, the work of perhaps the time and was very lonely. Of these, perhaps there are undiagnosed or untreated mental disorders. Depression is not uncommon for people who like art work, the reason for depression in a great relationship with their lifestyle.

  Requirements for teachers seems to be rising. Many teachers have to work after work, and even take home. In many areas, teachers must learn to pay more, less return. Pressure from different aspects - students, parents and schools for compliance, and their requirements for a wide variety. This allows teachers to difficult to do their own thing, more difficult to remember what they had to join the field of reason.

  Logistics to ensure that personnel

  In this area often typical problems that require high and low degree of manipulation. They are the first line, each side gave them a direction; at the same time they are also in control of the bottom of the staff, what can be filtered out from them.

  maintenance and ground personnel.
What is a problem when the only people to find you, do you feel? This is basically the maintenance personnel have to face every day work. They work perhaps no season or no schedule, work at night is common. Often gives clear up the mess, the work is difficult, but the salary is not high.

  Financial advisors and financial personnel

  Pressure, pressure, pressure. Most people do not like to deal with retirement savings plan. Imagine handling thousands of dollars for others every day what it is. Others financial management and can not control the market to assume a great responsibility. Also involved in crime, loss of clients' money, people would red they cry.

A Salesman
The salesman can easily lead to depression, and the reasons a lot, but they were luckier than the above nine categories of staff. Unstable income, work and bear the enormous pressure and long working hours make it a high-pressure career.


First, the psychological treatment
  Psychological treatment for all patients with depression are helpful. However, for severe depression patients, only supportive psychotherapy is not enough, must be accompanied by antidepressant treatment or electroconvulsive therapy. Psychotherapy for mild depression, alleviate depression and chronic depression patients.

  Second, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) treatment

  Available for the serious negative suicide attempts in patients with depression and the use of antidepressants in the treatment ineffective. Application of such treatment of depression is effective, and efficacy of 6-10 for a course. Electric shock treatment is still needed after the application of drug maintenance treatment.

  Mental depression require longer hospitalization and close tracking of the doctors, antidepressant and antipsychotic drug use, the better. The Conductive ECT is also very effective.

  Obviously the treatment of mental depression, and patients usually recover within a year, but still need follow-up treatment after discharge. The spirit of depression therapy and depression difference in suicide risk is very important, so the diagnosis of mental depression.

  As our population ages, the spirit of depression gradually increased, the disease simply by the drug treatment is often the effect is not very obvious, if we can really achieve good results with self-therapy.

Chinese medicine believes that such a situation is a liver Qi stagnation, stomach and accumulated a lot of experience in self-treatment.

  2. Mental Happiness-A day-to-day care to keep the mood cheerful, take part in collective activities such as dancing, singing and increase some hobbies, try to attend as much work, and strive to do from the psychological and physical strength against the old with his family to talk, talk to the hearts of trouble . More contacts with young people, by young dynamic infection.

 3. the diet eat plenty of food calcium-rich food such as soybeans and soy products, dates, leeks, celery, garlic, fish, shrimp, sesame seeds, rock sugar, honey, walnuts, bananas, milk and so on. Cut out alcohol and coffee and other foods. If the preprandial Yongnaoguodu, dining, emotional, angry, immediately after a meal with the brain, the hard work of labor, are not conducive to the disappearance of symptoms.

  Tai Chi Chuan Duan Lian try to be at the heart, Italy, the gas-shaped one.

 4. music therapy, listening to light and joyous music several times a day.

 5. Anapana -the method of purification of the heart of a mind remodeling therapy. Breathing quality represents the quality of life, breathing along with the beginning and end of life, respiratory and absorption known as the "interest".

  Depressed patients in the morning and evening time to practice the concept of interest, practice gently close my eyes and focus on breathing, regardless of any thought occurred to you should not push, not resistant, non-entangled heart to accept it you need to do is just pure observation of breathing to the cross-legged posture, 20 minutes for the basis of two weeks to a month, you can extend practice time to 40 minutes - hours.

6. Meditation- meditation makes body and soul to attend a good behavior, has been widely applied to the activities of psychotherapy and spiritual growth, meditation can reduce stress, anxiety, depression and other emotions, the regular practice of meditation will enhance awareness will help patients with depression to be inspired.

 7. To read more books -Reading enriches the mind, to read some psychology, philosophy, including Taoism, Buddhism books, can improve our intelligence, let us have a deeper understanding of their own life, beyond the ideological constraints of the past.

  8.Self massage- Rub off the hands overlap Guanyuan, counter-clockwise turn 50 laps, from light to heavy, from slow to fast. Once a day. Guan Yuan in the lower abdomen at the navel, vertical down three inches, that is, the navel at the four cross-refers to. Is one of the four ancient health acupoint. (The other three points Zusanli, Gao Huang Yu, one hundred labor points). Chinese medicine believes that off in the Conception Vessel, promote digestion, to correct the endocrine disorder, anti-aging effect.

9. the end of the Diet Semen porridge Semen 15 grams, 100 grams of rice. before the cooked rice, add water porridge to cook for a moment, join Suanzaoren the end. morning and evening, warm clothes. nourishing the heart, soothe the nerves, sweating. Palpitations, insomnia, dreams. Semen Health use can be fried, fried too often can damage the active ingredients. The desirable Suanzaoren Wei Chao, a moment into powder, and families available a rolling pin to grind.

  Psychotherapy is a very important in the treatment of mental depression. Mild depression without medication, relying on psychological therapy, moderate to severe depression treatment with antidepressants to control the disease at the same time, the psychiatrist will normally assist the implementation of psychotherapy with treatment.

  They include cognitive - Action psychological treatment of depression in several ways to help people recover from depression, interpersonal, psychodynamic and other kinds of "talk therapy." Psychotherapy give people the opportunity to identify cause them to produce the causes of depression and effective treatment for psychological, behavioral, interpersonal, and environmental factors.

Treatment of depression
  First of psychotherapy, this is a very important means of treatment. Psychological treatment, including the support of individual, collective, cognitive therapy and family therapy. Supportive care may intervene in the medical treatment from a patient, and can play an important role. When the patients with negative, pessimistic, depressed, severe psychological conflict, suicidal ideation or behavior are urgently needed to give moral support. From the positive guidance, persuasion, persuasion, encouragement and comfort. To help patients through the most difficult period, that is the most severe period of illness, to help establish the patient's confidence, especially in cooperation with other treatments to achieve satisfactory results. In the acute phase of disease control or transferred to the recovery period, can be a combination of individual psychotherapy and group psychotherapy. Same symptoms for some patients, they can organize themselves for collective psychotherapy, so that they communicate with each other, encouraging each other, the doctor as a guide to achieve a common understanding, to obtain the treatment effect. Different for each person to carry out individual psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, individual psychotherapy. Cognitive Therapy from three different level to correct the patient's cognition, including automatic thoughts, ideas and strategies in three aspects, namely, the progressive approach to carry out treatment, and therapeutic purposes.

  For the patient in terms of depression , first understand their own symptoms, and then correlated, that is, causes, and finally how to overcome, but for therapeutic purposes. Finally, family therapy, the treatment carried out on the patient's relatives and people around. Let them understanding and knowledge of the patient's condition and possible causes. Did well in treatment efforts.

  Psychotherapy plays an important role in the treatment of depression. In recent years, the use of the combination therapy, cognitive therapy and spiritual reshaping therapy from the sense of awareness to the subconscious positive implies the elimination of patients with negative emotions, from deep to change the inner conflict, to achieve a good therapeutic effect. Such as serious illness can be matched with other treatment, such as drug therapy or electroconvulsive therapy, and achieved a better therapeutic effect.

  Followed by physical therapy, electroconvulsive therapy and transcranial micro-current stimulation therapy, physical therapy is clear, as opposed to the drug without side effects and dependence. And control of symptoms is relatively fast, especially severe depression, such as the performance of stupor, poor feeding, suicide is particularly important to patients.
The treatment saved the lives of many patients, especially transcranial micro-current stimulation, change the inadequacies of the original electric shock, can eliminate the anxiety and fear for patients and their families. Secondly, to avoid some side effects that may occur when the electric shock treatment again to expand the scope of the treatment, especially for elderly patients and with not very serious physical disease patients.

  Therapy by transcranial micro-current stimulation of 5-HT secretion, and promote the release of noradrenaline, enhanced the excitability of nerve cell activity, and thus serve to alleviate the effects of individual depression. By promoting the secretion of a sedative endorphins, enabling patients to maintain a relaxed, comfortable state of mind is conducive to better mitigation before the negative, depressed emotional state. In addition, patients with brain waves to improve and the improvement of various physiological indicators, play a role on the improvement of the physical symptoms in depressed patients.

Diagnosis and classification of depression

Diagnosis of depression
  (1) meet the diagnostic criteria of neurosis.
  (2) as the main clinical phase lasting mild to moderate depression, accompanied by the following symptoms for at least three.
  1, the interest waned, but not loss.
  2, pessimistic about the future, but do not despair.
  3.Consciously fatigue, weakness or lack of energy.
  4. decreased self-evaluation, but is willing to accept the encouragement and help.
  5.Do not want to take the initiative with people, but passive exposure is good, willing to accept the sympathy and support.
  6 want to die idea, but hesitates to do so.

  Conscious condition severe refractory, but take the initiative to seek treatment, hoping to be cured.
  (3) No symptoms of any
  1. significant spiritual movement inhibited.
  2. wake up early morning and symptoms re-light the eve.
  3. severe guilt and sin. 4 4.continuous loss of appetite and significant weight loss (not due to somatic diseases).
  5. more than once attempted suicide.
  6. life can not take care of themselves.
  7. hallucinations and delusions.
  8. insight defects.

The principle of treating depression

  Treatment of depression, the drug of choice for common principles, a brief introduction to the reader.

  If the diagnosis of mild depression, such as the social function exchanges decreased interest, reduces efficiency, but there has been no corresponding physiological problems, coupled with relatives, friends and all kinds of social relations can effectively support patients, then patients can not take medicine. At this time, the psychological treatment based on cognitive behavioral therapy can be onset. The so-called cognitive therapy, that is, from the views of the patient's adjustment to changes in mood and behavior.

Family support

  In addition, family support is very important. Friends and relatives must not discourteous treatment of the patient, such as "If we do not live, then go to hell" and the like, then equivalent to push a behind Xiangtiao Lou's. Therefore, relatives and friends should be more, said: "These is a very common disease, we have been with you, you will get better very quickly." These words to a certain extent can reduce the psychological burden of patients. Of course, if some of the examples of successful cure, will enhance the confidence of patients to treatment.


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