Mercury found in fish

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Did you know that numerous fish that we eat contains mercury? Are we sure that the cooked fish we offer our family table is safe enough to be eaten?

What is mercury?

Mercury is a chemical element, as we all know when we are studying during our early days. It is the only metal that is liquid. It’s color is silver and that when we try to move it in one place or another, it will definitely follow the direction. We also know that we can find them inside the old thermometer our grandparents were using. They rely most on that instead of the digital one. Mercury is released into the air from the burning of fossil fuels. We can also find them through the industrial pollution. The process is that when it falls back to earth, it is more harmful than we ever know. Usually it will return to us through the rain and will eventually accumulates in streams and oceans. The water will then turns mercury into methyl-mercury. Methyl mercury is the element that is very dangerous to the health of every human being.

Large fish contains mercury

Did you know that larger fish have the highest levels of mercury? It is because they have lived longer in the water and have had more time to accumulate it.

Mercury was found out to be related in children to become more prone in having ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The article of Dr. Mercola explained when an inuit children in northern Quebec, Canada, eat a diet rich in beluga whale meat. “This fish is said to be typically contaminated with high levels of mercury. After analyzing umbilical cord blood from nearly 300 children, and years later getting detailed information about their behavior, researchers found those with the highest concentrations of mercury had more trouble paying attention and were three times as likely to display symptoms of ADHD than those with lower levels.”
“Those with low to moderate lead levels were also more than four times as likely to have hyperactivity problems than kids with lower levels (Inuit children are exposed to lead from eating shot pellets in geese and ducks).”

“Separate research has also revealed that babies exposed in the womb to higher levels of mercury, due to their mom’s fish-rich diet, scored lower on skills tests when they became infants and toddlers. So it’s quite clear that this toxin has a serious impact on your brain function”.

List of fish with the highest level of mercury

It was found out that the following name of fishes have the most amount of mercury. So we have to be aware of them to protect ourselves.

King Mackerel

Fish and Seafood with Mid-Range Mercury Levels

Orange Roughy
Spanish Mackerel
Striped Bass or Rockfish
Tuna (all varieties except skipjack)
Weakfish (sea trout)

I am not saying that we should not eat fish. I still love to eat and offer it on our dish. However, we should just be cautious and aware that mercury could just be around the corner.


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