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Metabolic Diet to first assess their own metabolism and then to choose a diet that fits their own body type. If you're trying to lose weight, increasing your metabolic rate can enable you to lose more weight. Consider it as the rate at which you burn off the food you eat. The higher the rate more likely that you'll be consuming more food to accommodate the lack of sustenance.

Metabolic Cooking for a healthier you!

The Metabolic Diet is not a static process but a dynamic progression towards your body weight and fat loss goals. The metabolism diet aims to increase a dieter’s base metabolic rate. By doing this its intent is to not only help the dieter lose weight while on the diet, but to make weight maintenance easier for the dieter in the future. Basically, we are using metabolic powers certain foods have to make your body burn more body fat.

This method changed my life and has given me new hope in life after getting a death sentence placed on my lifespan I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Now I have loss over 40lbs went from 200lbs to 160lbs in about 2 months! Metabolic rate are inheritable from previous generations so knowing your family medical history is a plus. Bear in mind that this method is customizable and unique to each person because everyone has a unique metabolism (There is no shared metabolism). Therefore the diet plan of one person’s nutrient intake base on metabolic absorption may be inappropriate for a second person, and can be damaging for third person who copies it verbatim. Metabolic/metabolism weight loss is not difficult if you know how to do so!
In order to avoid the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon: This occurs while in your diet when your body gets accustom and knows precisely what it’s getting in terms of food and has fully adapted to it. When it reaches this point, your metabolism slows down and weight loss comes to a grinding halt. To counter this phenomenon you have to vary your nutrient intake regularly, shocking your body as time goes on. This keeps it guessing and ensures your metabolism stays on high at all times and never settles to anyone state.

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