More Health Benefits with Low Intensity Workouts than Short High Intensity Exercises

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To get the best results, we need to rethink our exercise regimen. It's not about tiring one's self. it's about improving one's metabolic processes.

Rethink your exercise regimen

The intensity and duration of an exercise is important in overall health and wellness. The traditional school of thought would side at high intensity workouts. However, in a recent study conducted by Dr. Hans Savelberg from Maastricht University in Netherlands, revealed that long and low exercise have more benefits compared to short but intense workouts. Their findings were published in the PLOS ONE Journal.

Before you jump for joy, there are several important details in the research that you should know. First, this study had respondents and participants who had normal weight. Their ages ranged from 19 to 24 years old. Furthermore, the study tested the type of exercise and workout for the respondents while keeping the amount of calories burnt constant.

One group was asked to remain sedentary for 14 hours a day. Another group was asked to sit for 13 hours while performing intense workout for 1 hour. The last group was asked to walk for 4 hours and stand for 2 hours. The remaining 8 hours was spent sitting down like the others.

Dr. Sacelberg compared the insulin sensitivity of these groups and found out that long, low intensity workouts improve the insulin sensitivity of the respondents. In a nutshell, having higher insulin sensitivity means better metabolism. As you may have guessed, better metabolic process equates to better processing of fats and energy.

The study does not suggest choosing low intensity workouts over high intensity exercises. Rather it illustrates the importance of having the right type of exercise.

Tiring yourself to stay fit or tone your body may not be the right course of action. Rather, exercise should be seen as a way to help improve the body’s internal processes and not just look at the physical benefits. In fact, long term fitness and health comes with having the right internal functions and processes.

For individuals who are looking for long term physical fitness and health, consider the type of exercise that you do. You may simply be tiring yourself without the long term benefits.


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I read about this recently, very interesting

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Hello jennyreeve,
There's always something new when it comes to exercise and fitness.

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