Multitasking Could Harm Your Brain

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Bad news for you. According to research experts, the habit of most people today is all-powerful to do some work together at the same time that is not good for our brains as well as affect our performance.

Multitasking Could Harm Your Brain

So far, we are proud known for being agile and able to handle multiple jobs once at the same time. However, it turns out it's not something to be proud of otherwise need to watch out. Yes, like machine or computer which has received a variety of different commands at the same time, we often encounter the machine would be slow, pause and even broken, and so does our brain.
It could not believe? Try doing this experiment. One time do a simple job and calculate how fast you can finish it. Then do the same work together with some other work and count the time. How long can you finish it all? Compare the quality of work too.
We sometimes don't realize that actually we could completed a job more quickly if we are focusing just on that, but will become slower as the concentration become split when doing another jobs in the same time. Or in some instances, one job might even unwittingly stop, not giving maximum result even wrong and have to be repeated from the beginning due to the concentration that more directed to other work that we think is more important to solved.
If the work conducted is something trivial, maybe the impact is not too dangerous. But what if one job is something that requires concentration and can endanger the lives of themselves or others if a little distracted? Of course, this practice should be avoided. For example, many people today are not aware of the dangers of talking on the phone while driving a vehicle and eat together at once.
In addition to the real danger in the above example, the habit of doing several jobs at once in the same time sometimes makes our brain can not accommodate anymore so we can not remember very well what we are doing. Surely this can lead to severe stress when the demands of work putting it all as important and must be resolved perfectly, also affect our performance. We will be rated slow, sloppy, and so on. Stress will be more severe for perfectionist people.
All of this has nothing to do with age, because even children and teens who are still fielding and renowned their brain is still fresh in learning something new cannot avoid this danger of doing several jobs at once was.
For a simple example, a child who is forced to memorize several subjects at once in one night would have likely swapped fill in the answer of one question with another question for even a question that seems trivial and can not be happen at a relaxed state, but may occur when our brains filled with a variety of other thoughts which cause us hard considering even the simplest thing.
Have you ever get complain from someone for more than once repeated the same question, or suddenly forget what you want to do in a few seconds ago and feel confused about why you are in somewhere or why you are calling someone? Something that seems trivial and may have become commonplace happen everyday but will actually become a serious threat of premature senility if we ignore it.


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author avatar Mickey Javelona
3rd Nov 2012 (#)

Multitasking for me is a good exercise for the brain. It makes it work hard and therefore makes it more flexible to the many activities that it has to process... Multitasking just shows how efficient your brain is.

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author avatar Krismawati
3rd Nov 2012 (#)

This is the result of scientific researches of the experts that I read. I think we should choose which jobs can be combined for multitasking and not endanger ourself or others as an example in the text (driving, telephoning and eating). And even then this can not be done continuously without pause. This is what happen in our routine office work that mostly multitasking. We used to do it, but maybe we don't realize that we could do it better and faster if we arrange to do it one by one in high consentration than do it in a minute then jump to other job after that, jump back to the end the result is not maksimum. Psychologists also advise people to break from their job when the brain is saturated. Not a matter of smart or not smart, but humans has limitations. It could if forced, but you will not give your maksimum quality. As well as the above example, installments learning every day would be better than memorizing all overnight :)

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