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Follow these rules to prevent your muscles from wasting away when you diet. Protect your muscles by adding the right exercise routine to your weight-loss program. You’ll lose fat faster and look like Hercules or Aphrodite when you finally get rid of your excess weight!

1. Avoid Slow Paced Cardio – Up The Tempo!

Go for high-intensity interval training, whereby you increase the speed or tempo of your cardio workout for 3 minutes at intervals of 4 minutes. It’s very effective at reducing fat stores than traditional cardiovascular training. Try doing high-interval training three times a week for best results.

2. Intensify Your Workouts

Condense your usual workout into half its time. If you usually train for an hour, condense your workout into 30 minutes. Do supersets combined with low and high reps. Rest no longer than 60 seconds between sets, and train your opposing (antagonistic) muscles together for a fantastic pump!

3. Lift Heavy

It’s vital you use heavy weights when dieting in order to stimulate your body to hang onto your muscle and not break them down to fuel the body in times of energy deficiency. Using lights weights won’t do much to keep your muscles from deteriorating. Don’t be a sissy boy, go heavy on bench-press and squats. You muscles will be getting bigger and toned, while getting shredded at the same time!

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author avatar Denise O
20th Jan 2011 (#)

I'm tired just reading about the workout.LOL
This is one way of doing it just, don't burn yourself out.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Uma Shankari
22nd Jan 2011 (#)

Absolutely fantastic for youngsters (I am much older...SIGH)

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author avatar Blunt Head
22nd Jan 2011 (#)

You're never too old to build muscle, Im 23 and my training partner is 51, but he lifts more weights than I do!

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