Must-know info before you take your medications

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Here are some tips for a safety use of your drugs.

Must-know info before you take your medications

Medication is such a part of our everyday lives and yet so many of us don’t understand the important details about it. Taking medication can be risky especially if you are elderly. Using safety tips each time you take your medication can help you avoid serious complications.

Here are some tips for a safety use of your drugs:

1. Take it on time. If your doctor prescribe you and give you a specific time when to take it, make sure you follow it religiously. Most of us disregard this concern the fact that for as long as we have the meds, we can be assure of recovery then. Some drugs are better absorbed by your bodies at various times of the day. Examples are cholesterol-lowering drugs are best taken at night because it’s when your body produces the largest amount of cholesterol. Doctor will tell you the best time and the interval of it before taking drugs.

2. Keep all Medication away from Children. Medication always be kept out of the reach of children, regardless of the bottles having child- resistant caps. Children are very smart and can sometimes find ways to open the bottles, even if they are child proof. It must be kept in a locked cabinet or at least at a level that is too high for them to reach. Check labels for specific instructions on how to dispose of the meds. After using it dispose it properly.

3. Generic isn’t exactly as the Brand-names. Generics though can be cheaper but it may have a slightly higher or bioavailability- meaning the rate and extent to your body can absorb the active ingredients. It may also have different additives and color that might be a problem. Usually doctors will recommend sticking to brand names like with heart problems.

4. Don’t stop taking your medications just because you feel better. Quitting a drug after you fell better is a big no-no. It takes the full course of antibiotics, for example to clear all of the bacteria out or our system. Stop too soon and the infection can come back even worse than before. Again, in most cases, medications take time to work completely. Although you may start fell better, don’t stop taking your medication unless advised by your doctor or so.

5. 1-day treatment is not the case in taking medications. Some medications produce an immediate effect but don’t expect your medications can make you feel better instantly. For optimal results, give it a time to work its way through your system. Remember that initial side effects usually go away after a week or two. Talk with your doctor if you see any side effect in you. There are remedies to treat your reactions of the meds.

6. Consult your doctor if you have any questions. It is best to talk and ask to your doctor about the medications you take. Your physician will help you understand on how your meds work. Ask about any side effects on the meds and how can you deal with it.


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author avatar Denise O
11th Oct 2010 (#)

Good sound advice.
If you don't mind, I would like to add...
If you're taking any kind of herbs or supplements...
Tell your doctor.
They too can mess with your meds.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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