My Life as a Stalectite

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If you find yourself feeling frustrated that life is moving too slowly, maybe it helps to remember that there are aspects in life that change so slowly you hardly see them. Does that put frustration into perspective and help learn about patience?

My Life as a Stalectite

The other day I was watching a natural history programme about stalectites on TV. The presenter was in a huge cathedral - like cave. Out of sight, underground hundreds of stalectites were hanging, silent and magestic growing at a rate of 0.06mm a year.

Can you imagine how long it takes a stalectite to grow? These beautiful, organic shapes take hundreds and hundreds of years to form as drop by drop they get longer and longer. 4cm growth represents 200 years of growth!! What a reminder of patience.

Their growth depends on chance. If it is in a place that dries up, it will stop growing, if it gets too heavy it will snap off the cave roof. The whole process is unhurried and unchanged throughout the history of humankind. This is such a beautiful and natural reminder from mother earth that there are importan things that happen in life - even when it is happening so slowly it is barely visible.

Whilst watching the show, I got thinking. I wondered if I would be patient if I was a stalectite? Imagine just hanging there, and growing agonisingly drip by cakcium drip?? I suspect that I would not be patient. I think that that I would strain and push and pull to grow more quickly. I would struggle to accept the flow of the natural process, and would be frustrated at not having any control, and at not being able to grow more quickly.

What can I learn about patience from the stalectite story? I see that patience is really important in spiritual practice and self growth. I see I can't control anything, and when I think I do have control this is ego at play. Mostly I see that I have to trust the process, and believe that everything is perfect just as it is. I am reminded of the necessity to slow down so I can hear and experience the silent joys in life, even if they are happening incredibly slowly.

Nature understands about patience, trust and surrender. Look at the stalictites growing in magestic silence and slowness. When did we ever see a ladybird worry, or a blackbird be concerned about building the perfect nest? Nature understands that an answer will be provided, and that ultimately all is well.

What can I take from the stalectite lesson? I think that when I feel impatience raising it's head I should imagine myself as a stalectite. When life feels too slow, and as if nothing is happening, I should imagine that my growth as so slow it is hardly visible. I think this may give me a sense of perspective on my frustration, and give me something else to think about. Rather than worrying about where I am not, I can think about hanging around as a stalectite which would show me where I am.

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ya really think we can turn into that hard putty every now & then...hmmm

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