My Melanoma skin cancer documentation-Part Two

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Read about my experience with melanoma skin cancer and how everything seemed to go wrong on the day of the excision/surgery.

My insurance company paid for our transportation

After talking on the phone to my son about the long drive from our house to the Seidman Cancer Center at University Hospital, he asked me to check with my insurance company as to whether they will provide transportation.

After hanging up from our phone conversation I immediately called my insurance company and to my surprise they did provide transportation.

Next I scheduled the time and place with the designated driver.

My first consultation

On my first consultation the type of procedure was explained to me in detail.

The date for the skin cancer excision was set for April 9, 2015. We had to be at the hospital at 7:00AM so that nuclear medicine could inject a dye into my shoulder which would drain into the sentinel lymph nodes that needed to be checked for cancer.

Below is a video of the wide skin excision procedure that was done on me.

The day of surgery

Everything seemed to go wrong on that day but for some reason I felt a sense of total surrender and peace. Just knowing about all the people who were praying for me gave me that sense of peace.

1. Our driver arrived a half hour late. Then on the way to the hospital he decides to get gas.

2. Our driver had an abscess tooth and was in much pain.

3. We arrived about 20 minutes late

4. It was raining and the visibility was very low due to the fog.

5. When we arrived at the hospital the person who was admitting me was also late for work due to the fog. However this was fine with us because we were late anyway.

6. The machine that was used for the hour and 15 minutes scan to locate the lymph nodes after the radioactive dye was injected in the skin cancer site broke down 3 minutes before the scan was complete.

My husband was frightened that they would not get the scanning done in time for surgery. I still felt a sense of peace and tried to console my husband.

I thanked God that they were able to get enough data from the scanner for the doctor to locate the correct lymph nodes to be removed and tested for cancer.

On to Surgery

After the results of the scan were given to the doctor it was time for me to get prepped for surgery.

At least 4 doctors and several nurses talked to me while I was waiting to be put under for surgery.

Everyone was very kind and I was able to get them to laugh and joke around with me. I needed this kind of banter right about now and felt totally surrendered to whatever the outcome would be.

I was then given a sedative which made me even goofier. After that I remember nothing except waking up to very soft and gentle voices all around me.

I had a bit of a sore throat due to the breathing tube they placed in my throat when I first went under. Other then my sore throat, I felt no pain because I was still under the effects of the anesthesia.

On the 6th day after my surgery I still have some pain under my arm where they removed 3 lymph nodes and I also had a great deal of pain behind my shoulder where the skin was removed.

While waiting for our driver to arrive

I could not get any cell coverage in the hospital so the kind nurse called our driver for the return trip. We ended up waiting 2 hours for our driver to arrive but it was really worth it.

I still was in no pain because they gave me a dose of oxycodone along with acetaminophen.

While waiting for our driver to arrive I had a long conversation with one of the volunteers who just happened to be 82 years old and she told me how rewarding her job is. She recently has been widowed and volunteering gives her life purpose and meaning.

She was a true inspiration to me!

To my delight and surprise the driver for our trip home was a female. We talked the entire way home. I felt very much that she was handpicked by God to comfort me and hopefully I was able to comfort her. We have so much in common and are both struggling with missing our children and other similar issues.

During our ride home all of the apprehensive thoughts and concerns that I had before surgery simply melted away.

If God gives me a new lease on life I am going to do everything in my power to give back by doing for others.

It was great to enjoy some real girl talk on the ride home. She was a very good driver who actually enjoyed driving along with site seeing along the way. She was one of the calmest drivers I have ever had the pleasure to spend time with.

The results of the biopsy

I got the results of my biopsy on the 11th day after my surgery.

There were no signs of cancer in the lymph nodes but there was some cancer in the skin that they removed. I would imagine that cancer in the area where the skin was removed or excised would be expected because only one biopsy was done in that area before surgery.

The surgeon recommended that I get follow up advice from a medical oncologist.

I was blessed to be able to locate at least two medical oncologists who specialize in melanoma at the Hope Center for Cancer Care.

I hoped to learn more after I got my stitches removed as to why I need follow up care even though there was no cancer in the lymph nodes.

About two weeks after my surgery I also had a PET scan which showed no cancer cells in my body from head to toe.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
21st Sep 2015 (#)

Good to see you back Judy .
I truly pray that you will stay cancer free now , and fully recover in every way .
God bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar Judy Ellen
21st Sep 2015 (#)

Thank you so much for your comment! I tried to publish this a few months ago but it would not stick due to some problems Wikinut was having.

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author avatar Carol Roach
22nd Sep 2015 (#)

very good outcome, you may have cancer in the skin but it hasn't spread and if that is all you may only need to get that cancer treated with surgery or radiation or chemo. But the best possible news is that it hasn't spread to the nymph nodes. I am praying for you hon.

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author avatar LOVERME
22nd Sep 2015 (#)

so nice to know about ur smooth sailing recovery..
take care and remember those and of course the Lord..
for helping you pass such a traumatic phase .so smoothly minor odds be forgotten Judy ma'am

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
25th Sep 2015 (#)

Judy, I'm very thankful for the outcome of your surgery. I'm sending prayers to you for peace and health. Best wishes to you and Blessings too!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
27th Sep 2015 (#)

As usual you are so kind to share your personal journey for others to benefit and learn from, thanks Judy. I missed your presence here but I knew you would be back into our fold as soon as you could.

I pray that everything will be alright and you have a healthy life for years to come - siva

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author avatar Kingwell
12th Oct 2015 (#)

I am thankful that the outcome was so good and hope you will have a complete recovery. Blessings.

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