My Middle Age Crisis

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Life does not always turn out the way you would want it to.


Some of you may not know what a middle age crisis is. Erik Erikson further developed the stages of life that Freud had originated. Freud's stages of life stopped at age 25. Erickson continued the stages to the end of life.

A middle age crisis happens to people in their late 40's and 50s when they look at their lives and they find that they did not accomplish all the things they wanted to do in life.

Unfulfilled dreams

I knew as a young girl that I wanted to help people. When I discovered psychology in my early 20s I had such aspirations. I wanted to be a psychologist.

I went to college for awhile while I was working in an office during the day and I had my baby to take care of. I soon found I could not do it all and I stopped going to college.

I still worked all day in the office but I was not really satisfied. I wanted to help people. I did not want to sit down looking over insurance claims.

I finally went back to school this time to university when my son was 16. I loved it. I probably would have been a lifelong student if I could.

I made many sacrifices and got my bachelors in psychology and then my masters in counseling psychology. But I could not go on for my Ph.D because I started to get sick.

I didn't know I was sick back then, I had diabetes as well as some other undiagnosed health problems.

Short career

I worked in a hospital as a therapist for a decade and then I just could not do it anymore.

Once I finally realized that I was too sick to work I went to plan B. I decided to stay at home and write. In the early days I did not make much money, then I took freelance jobs and made enough that I was satisfied. I also wrote two books. I dreamed about making it big in writing but that never happened. However, there were years that were better than others.

My middle age crisis is being resolved now as I am 60. I am disappointed that I never had a long career as a psychologist and that my writing career is dwindling.

I thought with all the hard work and passion that I put into achieving my goals and aspirations would culminate into a better life.

They haven't. I am still nowhere as far as I am concerned.

Different people throughout my life have said how they admired me for what I did. But I judge me because it is not enough it is not what I wanted.

However, now that I am 60. I am putting these things aside and living just one day at a time trying to make the best of each day that God has given me.

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author avatar Retired
28th May 2015 (#)

Wonderful article!

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author avatar Retired
28th May 2015 (#)

Awesome share!

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author avatar brendamarie
28th May 2015 (#)

great article. Dear Carol, you did make your dreams come true they just didn't get as high as you would have liked them to. Look at it this way, you try and got as far as you could. Most people do not even do that. God Bless!

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author avatar Shamarie
28th May 2015 (#)

Great post, Carol! And I agree with Brendamarie!

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author avatar Kingwell
28th May 2015 (#)

Many people have a middle age crisis because most of us judge ourselves more harshly then we do others. We feel that we've haven't done enough. Then there are of course those who do their best work after 60! A good share my friend and I think you have done very well. Blessings.

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author avatar spirited
29th May 2015 (#)

Moving article Carol,

Some of us, like myself, do not ever go through such a mid-life crisis.

I am still stuck in a childhood mentality, wanting people to do things for me, and not wanting to take on the responsibility of living and fashioning my own life.

I have ferreted around like this for my nearly sixty or so too.

Our lives just are what they are I think. In a lot of ways, how could they ever be different.

Acceptance is the first step forwards, but regret is perhaps a step back again the other way.

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