My Much-Maligned Trip To The Dentist.

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My first visit to the dentists in about ooh 30 years shall we say, which actually resulted in an extraction.

Bite The Bullet

As I get older I have been fairly lucky not to have to visit the dentist as a couple of my teeth have just fallen out by themselves. Alright, not as a whole, but the odd piece here and there. My front teeth resemble the pearly gates, but the further back you go, well you start to enter Hammer Horror territory, or think Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' video.

I'd been suffering from an abscess on the gum, which kept rearing its ugly head every now and then. He reappeared this last weekend for a fleeting visit, but soon packed his bags and had gone by Monday. He'd left me the most excruciating pain though on one of my teeth.

Now I usually live with toothache, whilst nearly OD'ing on pain relief tablets, until said tooth either falls out or the pain disappears. But by Thursday I was still in agony.

So early doors I'd booked myself an appointment at the emergency clinic. I was given a 3.30pm slot. Could I last that long?

Long In The Tooth

Well I get there and had to fill in a 20 questions sheet. Covering all aspects of my health, drinking and smoking habits etc. I presume this was so they get ample warning should I have a coronary once I got sat in the dreaded chair.

I got called through by a pleasant, smiling nurse, trying to put me at ease while she directed me to one of the rooms. The dentist invited me to sit nay lie down. The nurse handed me a pair of cheap sunglasses. Sunglasses? Was we going on holiday? Was I at a Roy Orbison tribute? No I think they were for my protection from the dentists lamp courtesy of the health and safety brigade. I couldn't sue for temporary blindness whilst wearing my ray bans, could I?

Anyways the dentist, I'll call him Paolo, starts prodding my affected tooth. Does that hurt? Typically it didn't. I explained I'd just taken another tablet and hopefully it was that which was numbing the pain and his prodding. It will have to come out he said. i made doubly sure he had got the correct tooth. You hear so many horror stories don't you of surgeons removing the wrong testicle or leg, I just wanted to be sure.

Then came out the needle for the injection. It may well have been Cleopatra's needle looking at the size of it. My ray bans should have had darker filters I think.

Well what felt like 15 injections later in gum, tongue and cheek, I was asked to go back and wait for 10 minutes or so.

My whole face was going numb, I must have looked like the elephant man to other patients waiting, but it didn't put them off, nobody left.


10 minutes later I was called so dribbled my way back. Paolo checked to see if I could feel any pain, I said not. Here we go then. I closed my eyes, gagged and hoped not to hear my jaw cracking in two. Oh no, he's having to go in again... No, he'd got it first time, I hadn't felt a thing, woohoo. I was waiting for the clink of the tooth hitting a metal pan, you know like they do in the films, at least I'd know then he'd got it. He didn't even ask if I wanted to see it. Well he may have done actually, I couldn't really understand him, he may have said they all needed to come out and I was nodding and slavering in agreement.

I rinsed my mouth out and swallowed half of the liquid, my lips weren't moving and my throat muscles had relaxed you see. I asked if that was ok, the nurse said I wasn't going to die. Oh that's ok then. I tried to mouth a thank you and made my way to the reception to pay.

The receptionist was nice but couldn't she have asked me questions which only required a yes or no? I couldn't even string a sentence together , dribbling, bleeding and mouth full of gauze.

Anyway that was my day, hope I haven't put anyone off from going to the dentist. This was meant to be a guide for the worried and nervous but I have probably made it worse for you?


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