My Recovery Process After a Heart Attack

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In October of 2012 I had a heart attack. I wanted to touch base with everyone to tell you about my recovery from this earlier scare.

What Happened

The day started off normal enough, my wife was at work and I had the day off. We were lambing at the time and I found one ewe with twin lambs. I got her into the barn and then went shopping. I picked my wife up from work and went home.

As I was getting out of the car, and shutting the door I felt something was wrong. My wife drove me to the hospital 45 minutes away. I thought it was a problem with my lungs and it was not until the nurses told me it was my heart that I realized it was serious.

I was loaded into an ambulance and taken to a larger hospital in Edmonton. I spent a few days there and had a angioplasty procedure done a stent put in, and was released. They had some follow up classes I could take, but as I live more than an hour away, and it was winter, I did not attend the classes. It would have be different if we lived in the city, or if the roads were not covered in snow.

Back Home and Recovering

Because my job requires heavy lifting I was told to take 6 weeks off work. This did cause us some financial concerns because although in Canada you can get some money for time off work due to health, it is not the same as your full wage.

My wife was also only working part time so it was a difficult Christmas. My co-workers were great and did give me a gift certificate for groceries so I could have a great American Thanksgiving dinner!

I went for short walks on nicer days but it did get rather boring I must say, especially as it was cold outside.

Follow Up from the Heart Attack

After 6 weeks I returned to work.

In February I had to go for a “Stress Test” which is when they hook you up and have you walk on a treadmill and evaluate your heart. To be honest one of the biggest stresses of this stress test was the $7.50 for 2 hours of parking. I did very well on the treadmill apparently but the doctor did note that I have an odd situation, something they have only started to notice in some patients. It appears my heart is very strong sometimes, and weak at other times.

The doctor asked if I wanted to be part of a study on this condition and I agreed, but have not heard further about it.

I just wanted to let you all know how I was doing, and to remind you all to look after yourself. Eat healthy, small portions of meat only, and have some days with none at all. Reduce your salt intake, and take a walk outdoors in nature when you can. Enjoy life and do not ignore symptoms of health problems.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
Raised in Michigan, I have a son who recently joined the Military. I am living in Canada with my wife where we have a hobby farm.

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author avatar Retired
10th Mar 2013 (#)

Glad you're recovering, Mark. thanks for sharing your experiences and the good tips.

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author avatar Retired
10th Mar 2013 (#)

I am glad to hear that things are working out well for you. My brother had a quadruple bypass a little over 2 years ago and he is still doing well.

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author avatar johnnydod
10th Mar 2013 (#)

You take care of yourself Mate, I'm glad your getting on OK and taking note of the advice you are getting, I had a heart attack a while ago, and that was one of the reasons why I became a vegetarian

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author avatar Songbird B
10th Mar 2013 (#)

Because I have been away for a while Mark, I only realised what you had been through when I started to catch up on Johnny's articles. So glad that you are so much better..look after yourself my friend. An insightful Star page as always Mark, thank you for sharing your experience with us. \0/x

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author avatar Retired
10th Mar 2013 (#)

I've been following your progress since your first article... I'm glad you are progressing well. I hope your recovery will continue to be smooth. Best wishes!

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
11th Mar 2013 (#)

Dear Mark, our friend. I am so very happy that you came through this traumatic time in your life with your wonderful wife by your side.

I do not know if you have stores such as "No Frills" which have 1/2 price off perfectly good vegetables and fruit. Some Superstores of which "No Frills" are subsidiaries, also have this great advantage.

Should you ever need to supplement your income, this is one great way to do it.

Keep well, dear friend, and thank you for sharing your story with us.

Uthrania Seila

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author avatar Reni Sentana-Ries
11th Mar 2013 (#)

Glad you survived, Mark. Surely, we could shower you with all sort of advice how to eat and live healthily, but I'm sure you know all that. Reduce stress in your life, if you can.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
11th Mar 2013 (#)

Thanks Mark for the useful share. When I read about it when it happened, it was a jolt for me as you are not that old and lead an active life. Heart attacks are also an attack on our confidence but nowadays it need not be so. Many lead normal lives for years after an attack as one becomes more careful with diet. Take care - siva

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author avatar Christine Crowley
11th Mar 2013 (#)

So glad you are recovering. Keep walking and exercising and eat right. Keep up the good work!

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author avatar Delicia Powers
12th Mar 2013 (#)

Mark, so sorry that you had a heart attack, but very glad to hear you are taking good care, and thank you for sharing so that we can all learn and benefit and learn, and most of all it helps quiet are concerns, knowing you are on the road to a complete recovery...all the best Mark !

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author avatar Vartika
15th Mar 2013 (#)

So happy you are recovering well Mark. My father-in-law had a bypass 15 years ago and he is hale and hearty...never misses his morning walk or exercise.
Thanks for sharing and making us all aware of the benefits of living a healthy life.

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author avatar Kingwell
16th Mar 2013 (#)

So glad that you are starting to feel better Mark. I hope it continues and thanks for those tips.

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author avatar Carol
17th Mar 2013 (#)

Ihave only just seen this Mark. It must have been very scary for you. Take care of yourself now, and don't overdo it. xx

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author avatar W W Mercier
9th May 2013 (#)

Congratulations on your recovery. I understand how you had to slow down, and "breathe." I am going through a bunch of tests for my shallow breath, and inability to walk very far. A year ago I was walking four miles everyday and attending the gym 4 - 5 days a week. Just one more test - a nuclear heart stress test in about 3 weeks. I enjoy how you put things - your writing is mostly naturalist and pleasing.

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