My Thoughts on Exactly What Sanity Is

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Thinking about the nature of reality, I can honestly admit that sanity and normality seem like the most important parts of it. To that end, I am writing this article exploring the nature of sanity, insanity, normality, abnormality and all the other related things in my mind about what it is, why it is and how it is.

(In my opinion) This is the nature of what sanity and normality is

We all want to survive and survive well. At least that is my impression of sanity and normality in the sense of what we all want to do at our genuine core when we are sane and normal. Succumbing, suicide, crime and that kind of thing other than surviving and surviving well are aberrations and abnormal. I cannot think of anything "outside of the box" yet on this one except that we all want to live a good life at some level and that genuinely bad lives are undesirable even to those who claim to want them. So, normality is survival and prosperity while abnormality is horror, fear and poverty could be an assumption in the realities of survival.

So, here is where I go deeper inside the box, now: We all want to win with the least hard and undesirable survival effort and horror or abnormality experienced. Otherwise, consciousness would not go through amazing lengths to avoid pain and achieve pleasure. I mean, think about it, even the smallest pain is undesirable, but the biggest pleasure always is desirable. In fact, it is pretty normal to want pleasure and not want pain or fear. In fact, to experience life with courage and power is the most normal thing in the world. While most people are not masochists who find pleasure in fear and pain, even when they claim they are. Indeed, the nature of pleasure and pain are not simply explained, but we all want what is desirable to us, even if it is painful to another or other.

Sanity and normality, then, means different things to different people. Personally, and I do not speak for anyone but myself: I take pleasure in successful dealings with life on my terms. I do not know about or judge anyone else and their reality. But, I do speak for myself when I say that I like things in my life to go smoothly and well, and sometimes even better than planned, and I hate when things go wrong that I do want to go right. In short, I want to survive well instead of succumb to the worst in reality.

What normal reality is

I do not know exactly what normal reality is, but, I will take the best guess I possibly can. Normal reality is a reality where survival and prosperity happens in the right amounts. Not in too much amounts to handle, and not too little, that would be poverty and abnormal.

Sure, I could be less vague in my definitions, but I am writing from a standpoint of observation, curiosity, and deep analysis, not so much understanding. In short, I quote the philosopher Socrates on this one: "All that I know is that I know nothing, and I have much to learn!"

So, from my standpoint, normal reality is survival and prosperity, not poverty and succumbing. Poverty and succumbing are abnormal realities from my standpoint. Sure, I could say something different, but in this vein, "I am playing the ball where it lays." By no means am I trying to cheat reality and make it something different or "better". I am just looking and analyzing the concepts of normal and abnormal, really.

I can honestly say, though:

I can honestly say that understanding is power. Without that power though, all we have is a poverty of knowledge, or a bunch of unanswered questions. I can honestly describe that weakness as a form of insanity that needs to be made sane and normal quickly. After all, who wants to flop around? Personally, I do not. But, that is why there are questions and answers so that we do not flop around for too long. After all, every problem ultimately has a solution that may take a long time to find or a short time to find, but the solution can be fund with proper effort, and to that end sanity and normality are possible is the only answer I can come up with.


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