My Weight Struggle

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Here are my struggles of weight issues thus far... Will I win?? Or lose........?

The struggle... And strain!

Weight… We have all struggled or ARE struggling with this pandemic! Food is too delish and temptations are EVERYWHERE!!!
I had found that it is my contraception that has made me gain so much weight! And since leaving the Pill behind, I have lost about a kilo in a few weeks. Which some people think it’s nothing but to me it means a lot!!!

For those who have gained and lost weight know exactly where I am coming from!
So with work being a total upset, feeling so alone and not feeling hungry, I have to force feed myself as to get something in my stomach! And it doesn’t help when my tummy is constantly gurgling and feeling sick all the time, food seems to irritate it, drink seems fine as long as it’s not too heavy for it like tea or milkshake. So I have invested my tummy’s well being in Actimel and trying to eat more vegetables with my meals… And I think it is working… I only bought the Actimel yesterday and for the second day drinking it and eating sweet corn and carrots with my meals, I don’t feel as sick now… I do wonder if it is more with work rather than my body just feeling off… Will soon see with my holiday coming up soon… And not soon enough!!!


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author avatar krrymarie
29th Jul 2010 (#)

Good luck on your weight loss I know exactly how you feel!!!

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author avatar drelayaraja
29th Jul 2010 (#)

extra pounds do adds pressure.. nice share

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author avatar RitaH
30th Jul 2010 (#)

And with having problems that weight can complicate... I am NOT happy to have gained the pounds and unable to get them off!!! :-(

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author avatar SuzAlicie
1st Aug 2010 (#)

This is a constant battle for me, and sadly it seems the more content and happy my life is the faster I gain weight.

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author avatar RitaH
3rd Aug 2010 (#)

I know... wish when I'm upset or depressed and don't eat much that I don't gain weight... but I do!!! It's very odd!!!

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