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My coping up with what I experienced that time really helps me to continue to struggle and live my life to the fullest.

My near death experience

My story happened 2010, when i was diagnose having a non-alcoholic fatty liver. According to my doctor, the cause of that was my lifestyle. I'm a teacher, and because of always in a hurry to come to school early, I just prepare canned foods for my breakfast and lunch. take note, everyday...

I treat the diagnosis for not eating too much of those kinds of food. I take also supplement to manage my liver... But in early 2011, my cough did not stops. I took medicines but my feeling was disgusting... My heart beats fast, my breathing was not usual especially when I'm walking and going upstairs. So I decided to see another doctor for check up. The doctor asked for my history, after the interview, he advise me to x-ray my lungs. The result was not usual, my right lung vanished. I was afraid,,, the radiologist said in a joke that my right lung was not there. But the findings says that my lungs was covered with fluids. So the doctor referred me to a pulmonologist.

My weight drops from 65kg to 52kg in just one week. My coughs was disgusting. The pulmonologist said that I must undergo ultrasound, after another week, there were 2 liters of fluid inside my right lungs. My doctor referred me to a private hospital for an emergency, to suction the fluid inside. If that fluid will remain for another weeks, there were possibility that my heart will swim to that fluid...(smile) and that will cause death.

So I decided to follow the suggestion of my doctor. At the ER, as I present the letter, the nurse read the recommendation of my doctor and said "who is the patient"? I said "Me" the nurse was amazed, maybe my appearance doesn't suggest that I'm sick. Even the attending doctor, they don't believed that I'm the patient. Maybe because of my body built. During that time, I'm praying that the procedure become successful, that was the first time that I will be confine. I texted my co teachers and they gave inspiring messages to build my strength to face this kind of health problem. Even my students offered their prayers. There are continuous vigil in our prayer room every hour for my recovery. The touching part of having that agony.

At the ER, I saw the long needle to be used. I'm so afraid,, so many things come to my mind, imagine, that was my first time but then experiencing too long needle...but there's no other way to suction the fluid. I still wishes to live another life full of readiness and love so I draw strength from my family, especially to my mother on the other side wall of the ER( because she wasn't permitted to be inside), from those who pray for me, from my friends and co workers... and especially from God to trust Him fully.

The procedure was done successfully, but still there were some fluid remained. But according to the doctor, that was minimal to affect my heart. I undergo medications for 6 months and now, I'm still alive and kicking. Now I'm very careful with what I eat. I don't want to experience the same agony again. Thanks be to God.


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