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Firstly the routine itself will be listed, this list will be followed by the movements that you should attempt to achieve.

The Workout

Warm Up

1 Min 30 Sec continuous skipping at a moderate pace.
Various stretching that focuses on the calves, quadriceps and hamstrings.

*Note* I find that this perfectly warms my legs up and ensures that I do not suffer from aching legs for the rest of the week.


3 x 8 Back Squats - Warm up set (1/2 working set)
3 x 8 - 10 Back Squats - Working set
3 x 8 - 10 Leg press
3 x 8 - 10 Seated calf raises
3 x 8 - 10 Lunges with Barbell
3 x 8 - 10 Seated leg extensions

Warm Down

To warm down I simply do additional stretches, this is important as it reduces cramps

The Movements

Squat - To preform a barbell squat rest the bar on your shoulders behind your head, hold the bar with both hands outside each shoulder. This is the starting position. From the starting position bed at the knees until your thigh is parallel to the ground, push back up so that you are standing vertical. This is one repetition

Barbell Lunges - To begin stand upright with a barbell resting on your shoulders similar to the squat. From this position step forward with either leg a few feet. Bend at your front knee so that your thigh is parallel to the ground and your back shin is parallel to the ground. Step forward with your alternate foot and continue.

Follow the instructions on the machinery for the leg press, seated calf raises and the seated leg extensions.

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