My recipe today: stewed ox tail

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A small snack that gave an idea for a grand lunch. Stewed ox tail is one that will put a broad smile on everyone after finishing the meal.

My recipe today: stewed ox tail

Last evening, I sat at a table in a bar terrace to have a beer. As it´s a custom here, the waiter brought the beer and a small plate, containing a piece of meat and some potatoes. This is an old custom to give something to eat with drinks. I looked at the piece of meat, suspiciously, wondering what that small piece of dark meat was.
"Good Lord" I thought, "Do they think we´re starving to give this?"
I had a drop of the cool beer to then try a bit of the dark meat. Then, I had another bit of it.
"It´s stewed ox tail" I exclaimed, finishing the last bit of meat and leaving a bare bone.
It wasn´t badly cooked and it´d probably been served at lunch time. It was tender and savoury.
Stewed ox tail is one of my favourite recipes and, if well cooked, can put a broad smile on everyone´s face after finishing the meal.
This is the way I cook it.
I make sure to choose three or four of the best pieces of ox tail at the butcher´s. Then, I´ll need good spuds , carrots, white onion, green bell pepper and a couple of ripe tomatoes as well as olive oil, salt and, perhaps, a fresh chilli.
I´ll salt the meat and I´ll flour it lightly to fry it in a stew pot with a couple of spoonfuls of olive oil. When the meat gets a colour, I´ll set it aside to fry some chopped onion, pepper and few spoonfuls of tomato puree for 5 minutes or so. If there´s too much oil, I´ll remove a bit before adding the onion, pepper and tomato puree as we don´t want an oily sauce.
Then, I´ll add up the meat to stew it with this savoury sauce on a low fire, adding a glass of red wine and a bay leave. When the meat starts being tender, I´ll add the spuds and carrots cut in chunks to let them boil with the meat.
If it needs a bit more of liquid to boil, I´ll add up half glass of water.
When it´s cooked, one may take the meat out to blend the sauce to cover the meat, but I prefer not.
Needless to say that a red and full bodied wine is a must.

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