My vegetarian day, a day in the life of a vegetarian

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A look a one day in the life of a vegetarian, and a few myths cleared up

Lets clear up a few questions

As a vegetarian I am often asked “yes but where do you get your protein?” and “can you eat fish?” lets start by asking another question “

“What is protein?”

    Protein is a macronutrient. That is to say, it's part of a food compound we consume in the largest quantities, protein is one of the three elements the other two being fat, and carbohydrate, protein is in fact an amino acid, when you group together all the molecules in these amino acids we call them proteins. (Got that?) Good

Yes but what do you do for Protein?

Now lets answer the first question.

  • “Where do you get your protein”
  • My answer to you is nuts, all kinds of nuts but particularly almonds, also Greek Yogurt, Tempeh, Quinoa, Barley, Buckwheat, Flax seed, Oats, Pine nuts, Pumpkin seeds, Rice, wheat, I could go on but I guess you can see you don’t need to eat meat to get protein.

The next big question is, do you eat fish?

  • Lets get one thing straight a vegetarian is someone who does not eat any living thing, so the answer to that is NO of course I don’t eat fish
  • Now we have those two questions out of the way, let’s get back to gist of my article.

My Vegetarian Day

I start my day with a breakfast of Muesli, this I make up myself consisting of Almonds, Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, and flame raisins, with cold soya milk, (I don’t drink cow’s milk, that’s for little baby cows, and even they stop drinking it when they grow up)
On another day I might have scrambled egg (With some grated cheese) on toast (No eggs are not baby chickens, read Marks article on this)
I like to let the toast cool down a bit before I put the dairy free butter on it that stops the butter from melting and that way the egg taste so much better. On occasions I will have a Greek yogurt or porridge.

My cauliflower and turnip bake recipe

Now we get to lunch, I often eat fruit for my lunch with a Greek yogurt or Marmite on crisp-bread (You either love it or hate it)

  • Dinner
  • My dinner is nearly always vegetables with something or other, be it marinated tofu, Tempeh or soy mince, I also have pasta in some form, and then there’s may made up recipes, for example today I had cauliflower and turnip bake.I took
    Cauliflower, Carrots, Baby turnips, Coriander, Turmeric And Chilli powder

    Put the whole lot in a bowl along with a masala cooked mix (my own) into the oven, after cooked let it cool a little and top with mustard seeds.
    I had this dish with green runner beans to add a different colour.
    I don’t normally have a sweet, but this time I had banana with custard, homemade of course.

Other days I enjoy, bangers & mash with onion gravy (I use Bisto, yes it's Vegetarian and Vegan) Cauliflower and Broccoli cheese, but my favourite is shepherd's pie I make it with Quorn mince with added shepherds pie mix

You are what you eat

You may think I eat healthy but I am a vegetarian and this is the sort of thing what we eat every day.
Although I am a vegetarian I follow the vegan way to some extent and refrain from consuming cow’s milk, butter, any sweets that contain animal products, E.G those that contain gelatine for example gums and sadly beer although if you look hard enough you can find beer that has not been filtered without the need for animal product.

The same apply's to wine, luckily my chosen tipple is whiskey or gin, I might add this is the only drug I take, I do drink tea but as I choose either white or green tea I have no need for milk

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author avatar Jerry Walch
3rd Feb 2012 (#)

Some of those meals actually look good even to this meat and potato man.

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author avatar Sheila Newton
3rd Feb 2012 (#)

Sounds like a day in my life too. I'm a veggie. Loved this article.

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author avatar Denise O
3rd Feb 2012 (#)

Johnny, I think your day of food looks awesome. I am not a vegetarian but, as you have seen, I do tend to have my recipes go that route for the most part. That is because, at this production company, we eat what I make for my recipes. Also the vegetable crops have just been outstanding this year. I am now working on a almond milk rice pudding. Actually this on is proving a bit hard but, I will figure it out. My grandson just loves rice pudding. Nice look into your very healthy life. As always, thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
3rd Feb 2012 (#)

I am not a total vegetarian, but my wife and I are committed to eating several vegetarian meals every week and have 3-4 meat less days per week. I am noticing I feel so much better.

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
3rd Feb 2012 (#)

I am a vegetarian and have been for many years. Your page, Johnny, gives me ideas for a more interesting variety of food. I should add that "if slaughter houses had glass walls, a lot more people would stop eating meat".

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author avatar Retired
3rd Feb 2012 (#)

great star page, Johnny--I love how you deliver lots of great information in a casual, conversational style. I am also vegetarian...and you sound to me like a creative cook, too (that's a forte of mine as well)

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
3rd Feb 2012 (#)

yummy yummy Johnny..I make a wonderful broccolini pie with feta cheese on top..a great favourite with my nephew...

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author avatar Delicia Powers
3rd Feb 2012 (#)

Very creative and tempting, page and dishes:0)

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author avatar Melissa Dawn
3rd Feb 2012 (#)

Loved it! Are you planning on writing any tofu recipes? I recently tried cooking with it and lets just say a car tire would have proven more tasty. Would love to know how to do it right!

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author avatar johnnydod
4th Feb 2012 (#)

Now there's a challenge

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author avatar Buzz
4th Feb 2012 (#)

I've been a meat eater but I'm fond of vegetables for a change. There's a vegetable, don't know if it's indigenous to my country, now recognized as "super", called "Malunggay leaves" (good for a separate article). Others just as nutritious are camote (sweet potato) tops and "saluyot" as it's called locally, which I eat, whenever available, with rice and some anchovies. If ever I go completely vegetarian, I might as well not watch TV because meat commercials will surely prevent me from doing so. Thanks for a very informative article, Johnny. I learned much.

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author avatar Robb714
4th Feb 2012 (#)

A lot of people are allergic to nuts that would make an interesting article. While I enjoy meat and chicken, I do agree people should eat healthier diets and I have gone for long periods on vegetarian style meals. I think the biggest cause of obesity is fast food and processed food. People should discover the lost art of cooking even if they forgo the meat.

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author avatar AnnH
16th Apr 2013 (#)

This is an interesting article, I just recently started to have vegetarian meals, I have decided to take out most of the animal products from my diet, I do notice that I'm feeling better within my body.

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