Mystical Illusion

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Regardless of faith or how we believe there are always times in life left with questions and no logical answer that fits what is and how it came to be. Blessing are magical and more surround us than what are often realized. Always searching for the logic and not realizing some things about life are better left to the Mystical magic of Illusion.

Non-logical Will

Life is magical, that is plain to see. As I look around there's so many blessing to count and they go deeper than any words that can be found. Magic is an illusion and not quit what it appears to be, so magic is the closest word to describe what in life we can't answer when we see. One of those blessing has a name we all know an acquaintance we had at some point to recognize and know. He is with us each day when we arise, but to often not given much thought until we are down and lost inside. It's then he leans over and offers his hand in strength to lift us up when there's no logic to rear us up and out of an upsetting state. I'm sure you have met him, since he's a gift given and if not I'd like to introduce him then I'm pretty sure you will remember him. He lives in a non-logical mystic realm we call him "Will" and I'd be surprised if you don't start noticing him around. Just like an illusion something appears and takes place with unseen logic and it still took place. Out of the ordinary, non-logical as it may seem that is how the mystical magic works from where we can't see. All those moments in life that have transformed and looking back, still having no logical answer regarding all that transpired into a new form. You know those moments when there's not an ounce that feels anything pertaining to strength, just depressed and upset unable to see clearly any logical point that can transform you from the weakened state. The flip side of those moments are closer than you think because "Will" is within being the mystical force hidden beneath your logical strength. He'll leave you with unanswered questions beyond the logic that knew you were to weak, but the fog lifted and here you are once again on your feet. The magical illusion has transformed as a blessing, no logic, but never the less, it's true the mystical illusion of "Will" has a willpower leaving you logically wondering how such a realm can be real. Moving you in to a logical reality regardless of how it transpired to be, it's those moment and times that all of us wonder about mystical life matters, doubting within, even though logic is usually the voice when stating an opinion around what you can't see, but logically know it did happen to be. We use logic to daily get by, but ironically "Will's" magical illusion helps regain our logical strength with unanswered question, for here we are moved forward into a place that took a kind of strength that standard logic cannot provide without mystical "Will" along for the ride.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
14th Jun 2013 (#)

We need the will and some luck in life. Most important, constant willingness to accept the reality of life and the vicissitudes - siva

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