Myths of Health Benefits in Drinking More Water is Not Confirmed

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Many people still believe that drinking more water will solve many health problems , but the fact is that drinking water more than certain limits is bad for health !

Belief in drinking more water for health benefits among people

The popular saying of "Drink more water for healthy life" is still not confirmed as the recent investigation into this matter have revealed that water doesn't have benefits as it is believed to be. There are people who drink water to reduce wait as there is also a therapy called water therapy where a person reduces weight by drinking more water and actually by drinking more water, appetite will be reduced a lot and because of this we tend to eat less resulting in lesser weight. The common myth or belief of water having huge benefits in our body mechanism is not proved yet. As of now, according to recent study water doesn't have any extra good effects to our health and we drink water when we are thirsty and nothing more than that. The belief of water having good effects in our health mechanism is deeply stuck in each one of us and it is really difficult to believe that water doesn't have any extra benefits in our body mechanism

Doctor's advcie is very much necessary

Doctors also recommend patients to drink more water for various health problems like kidney stone, acidic urinary etc and though drinking water does help in controlling these diseases mentioned above, water by itself cannot stop diseases like kidney stone appearing in our body. In fact drinking more water can also damage kidney functioning according to this recent study as even kidney has got its own load of water which it can bear and if it is more than a limit, then it might cause problems for kidney functioning also which might result in adverse effects for body functions. I have a friend of mine who has started drinking more than 10 liters of water daily since three months now and still he is suffering from kidney stone problems which is pathetic and recently he got his kidney stone removed by surgery

Drink only suffecient water within limits

Those people who are into fashion say that drinking more water is really beneficial for glowing skin and the fact is that drinking water is a normal procedure we follow when feeling thirsty and drinking more than limit of water is really bad for everything. In fact anything beyond limit is bad isn't it? so drinking water beyond limits here is also bad for us. Our body does have normal mechanism which might be disturbed when something like these excess drinking of water is done. Those people who go for water therapy to reduce weight should be careful as it may not be good to drink more than limit water to reduce weight


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author avatar Rathnashikamani
16th Apr 2012 (#)

Excellent article.

Drinking more water than the body needs can drain off the essential minerals through urine filtered from the blood stream.

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author avatar sarosh
16th Apr 2012 (#)

Yes, but many people just follow one thing here-Drinking more water for health benefits...which is bad

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