Natural Healing for Post Natal Depression

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Post Natal Depression is also known as post partum depression. It is defined as clinical depression that begins during the first few months after childbirth.

Depression After Giving Birth

Becoming a parent should be one of the most important and joyful milestones in a woman's life. However, for some women, the happy occasion is tainted with feelings of melancholia and gloom.

Approximately 25% of women experience symptoms of severe depression after giving birth. Symptoms of post partum depression includes sadness, exhaustion, erratic sleep patterns, diminished appetite, decreased sexual function, emotional outbursts, anxiety, and irritability.

After a woman gives birth she may begin to experience a sense of being overwhelmed with her new duties as mother and caretaker of her new child.

The physical demands may cause her to become extremely fatigued, frustrated and have empty feelings. Oftentimes, this is a result of the baby's unresponsiveness to her mothering. The infant usually takes a while to bond with her, therefore causing feelings of futility and uselessness within the mother.

The inadequate feelings may lead to social withdrawal, decreased sexual energy and guilt. These emotions endure for 6 months to one year, whether or not the baby was carried to full term or she miscarried.

Some symptoms of post partum depression can lead to post partum psychosis or even suicide. Most mothers who exhibit signs of post partum psychosis had previous incidences of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

Post partum depression and suicidal tendencies require prompt treatment or possible hospitalization. In some cases there may be relief sought by taking the 4-herb tea known as Essiac.

PPD is caused by a lack of vitamins, supplements, and changes in women's hormone levels during pregnancy. It is not uncommon for women who did not previously show signs of post partum depression in other pregnancies to begin showing symptoms in a new pregnancy.

Natural remedies which may alleviate the most severe symptoms of post natal depression include; telephone counseling, support groups, and behavioral therapy.

The diet should consist of, omega-3 supplements or foods containing omega-3 oils such as salmon, cod fish, or herring. Generous portions of fruits, vegetables and proteins should also be added to the diet.

The new mother may find it therapeutic to indulge with acupressure massages to alleviate stress and tension in her muscles and to relax her nervous system. Acupressure massages encourage restful sleep patterns. A mixture of 2 drops each of the following oils added to sunflower carrier oil would make her acupressure massage more effective.

2 drps. Ylang Ylang (uplifting)
2 drps. lemon (refreshing)
2 drps. lavender (calming)
2 drps. neroli (uplifting)
2 drps. frankincense (relieves anxiety)

Adding B vitamins with Riboflavin to the diet also helps to eliminate feelings of exhaustion and fatigue. Hydrotherapy is also recommended in order to rejuvenate and refresh the spirits of a new mother. Whether it is through consuming eight glasses of water per day or indulging in relaxing baths. The benefits of water can be quite calming and soothing.

Many practitioners have suggested that women undergo a psychological medical evaluation after birth, and before they leave the hospital with their newborn in order to rule out depression or suicidal tendencies.

Feelings of malaise and gloominess may be averted if expectant mothers choose to eat nutritious foods while pregnant; and if they take their prenatal vitamins, before, during and after pregnancy. Once the body has sufficient minerals and nutrients to support its systems there are usually very rare incidences of depression reported.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
10th Sep 2013 (#)

Try Salmon and just going back to work, it helps a lot.
Sometimes when you have a spouse who is uncaring or having an affair with the blond bimbo who is the slut of town, its easy to sink into depression due to domestic violence.
Its from my own depression files that needed medication too.

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