Natural Remedies for Depression

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Depression is usually treated with antidepressant medicines. These medicines are useful but have a number of side effects. So there is no harm trying out natural remedies to treat depression. In case of severe depression when the individual is having suicidal ideations, one must seek professional help.


Research indicates that one in ten men and one in four women will suffer from depression at any point in their lives. There is a big difference between sadness and depression. We all feel sad now and then but depression is far more serious clinical condition.

There are certain natural remedies to treat depression but one should use these methods with his doctor’s approval.


Floral oils such as rose, jasmine, neroli, melissa or citrus oils such as grapefruit, lime, mandarin and bergamot can help feel better. Choose one that appeals to you and put 3-4 drops of your favorite oil on a tissue paper and inhale it.


If depression is associated with fear and anxiety then rub sesame oil on the scalp and into the soles of the feet for 5 minutes before your morning shower, washing it off in the shower but if depression is associated with fear of failure, losing control or making mistakes then rub coconut or sunflower oil into the soles of the feet for 5 minutes before your morning shower, washing it off in the shower. It will help overcome depression in a few days time.

Food Therapy:

The most important step is to eliminate sugar, processed foods, caffeinated foods and alcohol, all of which can worsen depression because of their effect on the body’s biochemistry. It is recommended to eat foods high in proteins such as turkey, chicken and fish. These foods contain high level of compounds that help produce neurotransmitters, which can elevate mood and increase energy.

Herbal Therapy:

Saint-John’s wort is a good alternative to antidepressant medicines. Saint-John’s wort is a herb, which stimulates brain cells. This herb is available in most health stores. It is taken as a medicinal tea. To prepare this tea, pour one cup of boiling water over one heaping tea spoon of the dried herb. Allow the mixture to steep for ten minutes, strain out the dried herb, let the tea cool to drinkable temperature and then drink it. Having it daily for four to six weeks will help overcome depression.

Relaxation and Meditation:

Spend 20 minutes a day to practice progressive relaxation exercise followed by meditation. It helps you feel positive and more energetic.

Sound Therapy:

Slow relaxing music (alpha music) help people deal with the root cause of depression. Another option is to go for a walk daily and put your focus on natural sounds such as the sound of birds and breeze.


Yoga has become very famous over a period of past few years because of its therapeutic value. Yoga helps to treat a large number of health conditions and mental health conditions. To overcome depression, it is recommended to practice different yoga poses for 30 minutes a day. Finish yoga poses with “Lion Pose” followed by breathing exercises.

It is important to realize that people with depression are not ready to do anything. They don’t want to get out of their comfort zone. So it becomes the care taker’s responsibility to push and motivate the individual to come back to normal daily routine.


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2nd Jul 2010 (#)

Depression as common an issue as it is severe, and I agree that alternatives to antidepressants should be made popular because the medication does have side-effects and can also make the depressant dependent upon it.

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3rd Jul 2010 (#)

this is a very interesting post!.. Thanks!!.. ^^

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author avatar maftab92
3rd Jul 2010 (#)

Thanks for your positive feedback.

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13th Aug 2010 (#)

shukria :)

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23rd Aug 2010 (#)

Interesting I may just try some of your tips!

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