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This page introduces you to one of natures best remedies, for a lot of things.

Tea tree oil

One of the best natural medicines is commonly known as tea tree oil, it comes from the tree Melaleuca Altenofolia. The tree is native to a small portion of New South Wales in Australia, it is extracted by boiling the oil out if the leaves and buds, the yield is a clear slightly yellowish colored oil.
When Captain James Cook was sailing around Australia in 1774, he noticed a different kind of Pine tree was curious about it and did some asking around. He found the indigenous people called the Bundialung, were using it for medicine.
How they used it was amazing to him if they had a runny nose they in haled it, I n the case of an injury or wound of some type they made poultices by soaking the leaved and packing them on the wound. Then if they had a sore throat they soaked the leaves in hot water and drank the liquid.
This was the white man’s first encounter with Melaleuca. Not much was done with it until 1920 when doctor Penfold did his tests and declared the this was a medical miracle. After that it went commercial. Applied topically it worked on helping to cure viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. It was more effective than commercial medicines that were on the market at that time.
It was even found to be effective against staph infections. Also it was found to be most effective against mites, lice, scabies, and acne. Use a 5% solution in your shampoo and it will take care of your head lice and dandruff both.
It is also great for yeast infections; use it as a feminine wash. There is relief from the itching from, herpes, chicken pox and shingles. It is truly an amazing product; if you will read the ingredient list on your soaps and shampoo you will find that they have included Tea Tree Oil as one of the ingredients
It is truly an amazing product these are facts I have learned through my own personal experiences.
First there is the case of using the vaginal wash, one time when she was about five years old my granddaughter was staying overnight with us and it was time to take a bath and go to bed. She did not want to take a bath so we questioned her to find out why, her answer was “Grandpa it makes my potty thing hurt” so my wife looked and sure enough she was all red in that part of her body. So I told her I will make it stop hurting if you will take your bath. As I prepared her bath I put about ½ ounce of Tea Tree Oil vaginal wash in the water she was going to bathe in.
After the bath she came to sit on my lap and tell me good night and she said “grandpa my potty thing doesn’t hurt any more”. What a testimonial from a 5 yr old. And it worked in thirty minutes.
My son was in the navy and had really bad acne since first year in high school, I sent him a Tea TREE Oil facial cleansing kit, hoping that I had finally found something that would work for him. He was stationed on a fast attack class submarine, not much room in the bath room in them to do a facial, but he did it. In three weeks he called for some more stuff, he called it. He said “My face hasn’t looked this good since I was 10 yrs old” and he was right. The product really works.
To me it is a GOD send. There are many plants and natural fruits that will help us have a better life and feel better about ourselves, we just have to find them, or listen when someone tells us something.


Acne Cured, Fleas, Mites, Tea Tree Oil, Ticks, Works On Almost Everything

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