Naturopathy Diet for Diabetes and General Body Detox

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Try these naturopathy diets for combating diabetes and general body detoxification.

Naturopathy Diet for Diabetes

Follow this naturopathy diet for 3 months to get results. But do not stop taking your anti-diabetic medications and consult your physician before you start this diet regime.

6 AM - Wake up, after completing your routines, practice pranayam for 5-10 minutes, do stretching exercise for 10-15 minutes and then 5-10 Suryanamaskar.
6:30 AM - Drink lime juice and eat nine neem leaves along with 5 tulsi (holy basil) leaves.
7 AM - Drink a glass of warm water mixed with a teaspoon of wheatgrass powder. Practice sunbathing for about 20 minutes.
7:30 AM - Drink a cup of ragi (finger millet) milk.
8:30 AM - Eat 1 teaspoon of sprouted fenugreek seeds and drink a glass of bitter gourd juice with a teaspoon of turmeric and cinnamon powder
11 AM - Eat one banana.
12 Noon - Lunch: Have a bowl of vegetable soup + a plate of green salad sprinkled with cinnamon powder and 3 rotis made from jowar/bajra (millet) with a bowl of cooked Dal and steamed vegetable.
3 PM - Drink 1 cup of potato skin soup.
5 PM - Drink a glass of carrot juice.
6 PM - Drink a glass of warm water mixed with a teaspoon of wheatgrass powder
6:30 PM - 1 hour of evening walk.
8 AM - Dinner: 1/2 bowl of sprouted green grams along with 2 roti made from jowar/bajra (millet), a bowl of cooked dal and steamed green vegetables and chutney made of flaxseed along with garlic, coriander and mint leaves.

CAUTION: This diet plan is not meant to replace the medications one is taking for Diabetes.

Naturopathy Diet for Detox

6 AM: Wake up and after your daily routine, practice Pranayama for 5-10 minutes, take 15 minutes of rest, do some light stretching exercise and then do 5-10 Suryanamaskar (Sun salutations).
7 Am: Drink a glass of warm water mixed with wheatgrass powder.
8 AM: BREAKFAST-Eat 2 bananas, 3 slices of papaya, 1 apricot, 4 almonds, 4 Pistachios. Drink herbal tea made by boiling lemon grass and tulsi(basil) leaves with water along with ginger pieces, cinnamon powder, cloves, cardamom. Take sunbath for half an hour.
8:30 AM: Eat a teaspoon of powdered dry ginger and powdered fenugreek seeds in equal proportion.
9:30 AM: Drink a glass of barley water.
10 AM: Drink a glass of lemon juice.
11 AM: Drink a glass of orange juice.
12 Noon: LUNCH-Eat a bowl of sprouted pulses mixed with 2 Tsp flaxseed, finely chopped garlic, coriander leaves and mint leaves, green salad sprinkled with cinnamon powder and 1 bowl of yoghurt or 1 glass of butter milk.
5 PM: Drink a glass of pineapple juice.
6 PM: Go for 1 hour of evening walk.
7 PM: Drink 1 glass of barley water and eat 2 amla (Indian Gooseberry).
8 PM: Eat 4 strawberries/blueberries/cranberries and 12 grapes (preferably black)
9 PM: DINNER-Drink a soup of carrot, beet, green peas, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, celery and spinach. Add ginger and garlic as spices. Drink a cup of bitter gourd juice.
10 PM: Drink a glass of barley water before going to sleep.

Besides this also drink at least 7-8 glasses of water for the entire day.

CAUTION: Those suffering from diabetes, kidney disorders and other serious disease must first consult their Doctor before trying out this.

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