Never finished Mature Teens playing with psychological violence

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Shootout with opponents , objects to destroy in some video games or kill the target are a common sight . This kind of violent games that are played by young people. "Good" because of the many games used a study by to play the mental development of young people with disorders hours.

Never finished Mature Teens playing with psychological violence

It is always open to things and things in an abusive relationship with the outside world , where there is no difference in performance is difficult to estimate youth. They see the world from the perspective of the other is hard to just believe in yourself .

Brock University in Ontario, in front of the screen to the researchers noted , who spent more than three hours per day to humans , which is less favorable than that which is measured have to be developed.

Researchers from Canada, at the age of 13 and 14 years , a survey of more than 109 children. The survey includes questions on habits Do you do what they love games, play a game , and how long they play.

As a result , 88 % of teens admitted that the game play and lunch . Ironically, the player dies , injure , torture or other human character, decapitation , which are the most popular games, including games with violent games in the series , spices.

Thirteen friends as important as saving endangered , a questionnaire on ethics was given. Previous studies show that the morale increases with age . And the age of 13 or 14 years of adolescence , the scientists believe they were able to develop a sense of empathy for others.

Based on the study, adolescents who play violent development often found delays in the realization of moral spices. Scientists from the real world and not enough time is less studied taking into account the ideas of others , I think.

" To keep too much time in the virtual world of violence in the real world for the players in the game to engage in positive social experiences , and also to an understanding of what to develop good or bad as possible" mirjana Bajović , one of the researchers told the Daily mail , Monday ( 10/02/2014 ) , quoted by .

This is the International Journal of violence in the media education is acceptable as a player, but is not warranted and should be rewarded even think ganggaun because of moral development. Play more characters are killed or destroyed , the higher the score , cause more severe.

However, no other games have a similar effect. Researchers in playground, parents and teachers should participate in extracurricular activities or encourage social action to try to ban young people is recommended.

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