Never to old to benefit from exercise

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Every human are aging. It is a natural process since the day we are born. However aging is only seen visible when the individuals ages are quite advanced. The aging process should not be a reason for not to exercise, in fact it should be continue at a gentler pace and suitable design of exercise.

Never to old to benefit from exercise

When deciding a suitable exercise routine, there are several aspects that we have to consider. Loss in metabolism rate is common to aging. This loss will affect the muscle mass and eventually turns into unwanted fat. Person with slowed cellular metabolism should control their intake of food.

With consistent exercise routine as part of the daily lifestyle, there is a better chance for the person to keep up their ideal body mass and weight. The aged individual should cut the intake of calcium in their food. Any form of physical exercise will help aged individual adds dietary supplements to ensure better body functioning systems.

The content of the exercise training program for the aging individuals should not be too physically and mentally demanding. It should take count to the more fragile state of the body condition. Study show that a good and consistent exercise routine not only keep ones healthy but also shown to be instrumental in keeping the individual healthier in both physical and mind.

When it comes to encourage the more senior age group to engage in beneficial exercise routine, motivations is always the right tool to use when there is a need to cultivate consistent interest in exercising among them.

The social activity in most seniors are limited due to a lot of different factors such as nothing in common with others that lead to no motivation to do so, lack of reason to socialize and many more. By using the exercise routine acting as spark for social interaction, it is an exciting thing for a senior individual.

Most senior lack of motivation to take care of their aging look as it is perceived as nobody cares about their look at their age but by encouraging the individual to be body image conscious will steer them to stay fit and look good by engaging in a suitable exercises routine.

Ill health is something that everyone wants to avoid; making a senior understand the benefits of exercising will put them in optimum health is another good motivating feature. The aged individual would usually be more than happy to take a good and suitable exercise routine to decreased encounter health issues later in life.

Improper exercise routine will lead to several body condition problems such as experiencing chest pains, shortness of breath, negative heart conditions, bone and joint problems, dizziness and elevated blood pressure levels. A senior would be well advised not to start on any exercise regimen until this stage has been properly conducted and completed.

Swimming and any form of water aerobics is the most popular form of exercise routine for the senior. Water help relieve some of the stress the joints and bones encounter during exercise especially if the individual not been exposed to any exercise routine previously.

Other fun activities include dancing, bicycling and lighter activities as this exercise will also help to create social interaction that most senior lacks off. Comfortable and loose fitting clothes and suitable shoes is another aspect that should be given consideration to decrease the chances of sustaining any injuries during workout.

Sometimes the senior individual complaint about fatigue, there is possibility that the senior individual lack of proper exercise thus creating a “lazy body” syndrome which contribute to fatigue whenever a little extra effort required. The thinking process becomes slower and confused lead to further withdrawal from exercise routine. It is important to develop some strategies to overcome this negativity taking over senior’s life. It is important to stay fit no matter what stage your are in life.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
28th Mar 2013 (#)

Positive take. The elderly tend to lose interest in themselves as they advance in age - siva

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author avatar novunus takano
28th Mar 2013 (#)

that is right sir and we cant stop aging. Preventing is better than cure.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
31st Mar 2013 (#)

That's the absolute truth, Yes.
There is no age restriction to maintain fitness from regular exercise.

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