New Way to Lose Weight: Go Back to the Basics

Shelly Casey By Shelly Casey, 14th Dec 2014 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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This page describes a new way to lose weight and live a health life.

Low Fat Eating

As far as I can remember I have been told low fat diets are the way to go. High blood pressure , low fat diet. High Cholesterol, low fat diet. Heart disease, low fat diet. I don't think you can open any type of heath magazine without seeing this directive. Does it work? In my case no. I found low fat diets always left me hungry and lethargic. I was not getting the essentials I needs. I certainly see the value of not eating high calorie items with no nutritional value. For me this was just not the way to go.

The Answer to My Problem

So I am still in need of some way to lose weight and be healthy. I feel I have found the answer. I am cutting out grains, dairy and sugar. I know what you are thinking what in the world are you going to eat? Pure meats ( pure meaning grass fed , free range and not farm raised (seafood) ) along with fruits and vegetables

If you think it sounds like I will be eating a lot of fat you are right. My goal is to get up to 50-60 percent of my calories be derived from fat. I know it sounds crazy but it has proven to be very healthy.

Results I Expect to See

One thing I need to mention this is not a "diet" but a lifestyle. Like any other diet if you do it and then go back to your old ways it will have been for not.

I do expect to see a significant weight loss initially. My energy level should increase and I should feel better overall. Since I am going to incorporate strength training as well I expect to see more muscle than fat.

I hope to see no disease in my future, and to live to a very old age where I am physically and mentally fit.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
16th Dec 2014 (#)

Lifestyle matters a lot for our health condition, not only diet. I try not to pursue those that increase my anxiety levels and live a contented life. I also like to eat what I like but in moderation. Thanks Shelly for this share - siva

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