New Years Resolutions - Should Be Daily Routine

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New routine, diet, outlook and exercise. Struggle and achievements.

From The Start

I have been struggling with my weight for years. Like a lot of people out there, it yo-yo's a lot! When I was with my then fiancé, I started to put on a bit of weight. My dad was concerned I was pregnant but this was not possible as I was using protection the whole time. I was just eating out a lot with him and not burning it off like I should.
After quite a few years of enjoying myself and laziness, I got to about 10st. When I was 18 I was around 7 and half. Being 4'10 3/4" is a bit too much for me to be carrying! Then I moved in with my fiancé and become depressed. I then rapidly put more weight on in a space of a year and hit 11' and started to suffer with my back loads.

Making Changes

So I started at physiotherapy and the gym to strengthen my back and start losing some of the weight. Now I do admit, I did not stop my eating habits and that was my downfall. Being depressed I was more interested in trying to make myself happy the only way I could.. Through food.
I then realised after going to counselling the reason I was depressed. And we soon split up. I moved out, done my grieving and moved back home with family. It was a hard process but I am stronger than I thought I was. Due to past experiences, being the big sister too, I have to be strong. Was always the strong one for my ex too and never really felt like anyone was there for me. But I prefer it that way.

Happier Now

Since moving back home and making my life whole again, I have gone from 11' to 10 n half and I feel great! Over the past few months, I did start back on a routine of lowering my calorie intake and exercise as I noticed that being happy wasn't going to make me lose weight. I needed to change my whole routine inside and out! So with no gym, I worked out at home and then dropped to 9 n half stone. Everyone has noticed how great I look and confident I seem now.
But I still have issues...

Routine and Issues With Crash Diets

So every evening, I have been doing 15min cardio to get the heart pumping and start to burn some extra calories I have been carrying. Also, easing up on how many calories I am taking in so I start to burn what I carry not what I consume.

Keeping this small routine going daily is the key to burning body fat and sugars consumed as well as what you carry. Many make the mistake of doing crash diets sending their bodies into shock and then eating healthily.. This makes the body think it is suffering so clings onto everything consumed. So once you have lost the weight and try to maintain it, your body puts back on to try and cope. This is not the way to lose effectively. You should start off slowly and ease your body into the new routine. This way your body thinks, 'hey! Am still getting food, little less than normal. So will burn some of this I have stored'. Once your body is used to the routine, it will be used to burning the reserves and the food consumed. You will then start to see results that will last a lot longer than other diets.

I have tried to stick to shakes and weight watchers meals.. But it didn't work for me personally. So I would make my own diet up. Maybe have weight watchers meal and then keep my cals under 1200 to effectively start burning body fat and sugars. I did find using My Fitness Pal really helpful for this. But after a while, I found it more of a chore than just to watch the cals and not noting them down.

Fitter, Healthier Me

So with this new routine, I am determined to lose the weight in a healthy way and keep it off rather than yo-yo so much. Wish me luck!


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Seems to be a good start. Thank you dear for this post.

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