New light shed on the state of a coma

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Scientists have yet to discover what is going on when patients are in a coma. Formally patients were thought to be unconscious but now new reports are showing otherwise,


They say that great minds think a like and that is exactly what happened today.

I had it scheduled to write about my grandmother being in a coma and someone else wrote about a little boy who had been in a coma. It is well worth the read

New research

Studies have found that “vegetative and minimally conscious patients” have very different brain activity. Furthermore, researchers have found that the state of a coma the brain of the patients are similar to the brains of people who are under anesthesia rather than sleep. .

Science is moving forward and although no researcher has determined consciousness in an a coma there are more and more stories suggesting there is. According to one study, consciousness can be present. "Consciousness may depend on the anatomical location of these hubs in the human brain network," said study co-author Sophie Achard, a statistician at the French National Center for Scientific research in Grenoble goes on to say...maybe it's the rerouting of the traffic patterns that underlies the loss of consciousness, or the mysterious ability to be self-aware that seems to set humans apart from other animals.”

My grandmother's story

My grandmother took very ill in the 1940s well before I was born. She was rushed to the hospital and was declared to be in a coma. But she swore she knew everything going on. She could see and hear people around her. She remembered quite well how her friends were saying, "it is too bad she is going to die, she is so young."

She tried to talk or move to let them know she was still there with them; but, she couldn't move a muscle or speak.

When she came out of a coma she told her doctors but they said that was impossible. Years later they are still saying it is impossible.

Finally after 70 years or so, Researchers are finally understanding that there is some kind of consciousness during a coma. They still have much research to go before truly understanding what goes during this brain state.

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