New medicine almost approved for heart. failure

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Here is an article that will discuss the new medicine that was tested on the most ever people for heart failure. It is a big success.

Details of how the test was conducted

Recently, there was the biggest international heart failure medicine study ever undertaken for the condition in which they compared a new medicine which goes by the code name LCZ696 and alalapril, and any other medication they were on for heart failure. This study had 8,400 patients with mild to a form of moderately severe heart failure that started in 2009.It was studied in over 1000 centers all over the world. This study stopped after 27. months. Because of "overwhelming benefit."

Cardiologist explains the reason for study

Milton Packer, a cardiologist and heart failure researcher at the University of Texas South Western Medical Center and co-authotr of the study says,"We designed this study to try to change the cornerstone of treatment- to replace enalapril. The results are not only compelling but exceeded our expectations in the study published."

About the new medicine LCZ696

Pharmaceutical company Novartis developed the drug LCZ696, which you take two times a day. When a person uses this they have fewer symptoms that can make it hard for the patient to live comfortably and the study shows fewer deaths. Last Saturday's New England Journal of Medicine online wrote that that this medicine will "represent a new threshold of hope for patients with heart failure."
In the United States, alone 5 million people have heart failure.

Causes of heart failure and how your heart behaves with it.

Heart failure's cause can be a heart attack, injury to the heart, chemotherapy or other causes. The ways your heart cells react are working too hard and they become bigger, and to make your blood flow better your body will retain water, and your bloood pressure goes up.

The old fashioned way to treat heart failure

The most common way to treat heart failure was a diuretic which causes a person to urinate more to get rid of the retained water, and the medicine digoxin which makes the heart muscles stronger. When you urinate more to get the urine out of you, you will lessen , or get rid of symptoms such retaining of water, breathlessness and fatigue.
Enalapril was the first of the type of drug named ACE inhibitor and was invented in 1985. The ACE Inhibitor make the blood vessels have more room so that blood cells can flow through them, and more people survived heart failure.
They put ACE Inhibitors with a special medicine that would block adrenaline tand better diuretics they made.

The new way they might treat heart failure

For this new medical advancement, an enzyme named reprilysin that is a major part of the blood vessel constitution is blocked the returning of fluids and the heart enlarges, and that causes the heart to fail.
The author of the study said,"This is a new pathway that's what's really exciting."
Other companies are developing neprilysin compounds.

Results of this new study

Of the 4,187 patients on the new medicine 21.8 percent died of a heart problem. And compare that to patients taking enalapril , out og 4,212 taking it, 26.5 died.

Pittsburgh Tribune Review Monday September 1, 2014


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