New research suggests that magnetic bracelets work for migraine sufferers

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Can magnet bracelets help with migraines? Some research seems to point in that direction


Montrealers have long seen the commercials on TV for the iconic bracelet, the Q Ray bracelet and so on. Of course the manufactures say they do work but do we have any solid medical proof?

To this point the research has been scant. However there is a new study put out by a British team of researchers published in The Lancet Neurology that suggests that magnetic bracelets do in fact help ease the pain of migraine headaches. The pain relief can last up to 48 hours and has no side effects. This is a simple non-evasive treatment for a serious enough condition.

Magnetic bracelets for migraines

Many migraine sufferers complain that over the counter medication does not work. Though there are some prescription medications available. Sufferers do say that once the headache has commenced the medication is ineffective. So for people who do get signs that a migraine is coming on such as zigzag lines or spots of light appearing in their vision then the magnetic bracelets may very well help.

Need for more research

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, has also worked on an experimental treatment, called single-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation, or sTMS. This treatment sends a magnetic pulse to the brain, which interrupts the electrical impulses created by migraine headache in the “aura stage” before the migraine is in full swing. It is not the first study on magnetic devices for migraines, however the older treatments were for use in a clinical setting only. This treatment is using small devices, which can be used at home.

The test subjects reported that the sTMS was more effective than the previously used SHAM (coil that provides electrical stimulation to the brain) devices. Seventeen percent more participants (39 percent of the entire group) said they were pain free within two hours from the sTMS treatment, while only 22 percent of the participants using SHAM said they were pain free.

Of course more research is badly needed and no one can make sensational claims at this point.


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author avatar Utah Jay
7th Feb 2015 (#)

I have a bone missing in my right arm. When the cold weather comes it hurts, when I wear a copper bracelet it stops...You, my friend, are a wonderful writer.

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author avatar Carol Roach
7th Feb 2015 (#)

thank you so much utah. I were a bamboo bracelet and it helps a bit

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