Nine Early Signs of Arthritis in the Back

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Computer era is increasing arthritis problems more and more. There are many types of arthritis. They can be diagnosed in the initial stage and treated.

Signs of arthritis in the back

Arthritis is a painful disorder in the body accompanied with inflammation in the bone joints. The Greek word for arthritis literally means joint inflammation. There are nearly 100 different forms of arthritis of which osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and septic arthritis are commonly found. Arthritis in the back has become the fashion problem of the computer era because of the body postures in the modern lifestyle. It has to be diagnosed and treated in the beginning itself.

Arthritis in the back

Most of the time, arthritis pain in the back is neither permanent nor serious. But being anxious or stressed out about your pain in the back and shoulder, you may increase your chances of muscle spasm, which is itself both a source and amplifier of all kinds of pains. If neglected, arthritis can lead to acute or chronic pain. It is to be noted that about one-third of people whose x-rays reveal that they have arthritis do not experience the early signs of arthritis pain.

Signs of arthritis in the back

The signs of arthritis are generally characterized by swelling, warmth, redness of the overlying skin, pain and restriction of motion in the bone joint area. These symptoms may vary from one type of arthritis to another type.

Back pain generally refers to the pain that is caused in the back area which is controlled by the spinal column. Spinal column runs from the skull to the pelvis. Injury to any of the structures in this area as well as a variety of diseases can cause arthritis. There are two main types of arthritis. They are non-inflammatory and inflammatory arthritis.

Two Types of arthritis

Early signs of non-inflammatory arthritis

Non-inflammatory arthritis is commonly known as degenerative arthritis or osteoarthritis. This occurs as the result of degenerating cartilage in joints. This can be seen affecting the foot, knee, hip, cervical, spinal, shoulder, hand and thumb and finger areas. Non-inflammatory arthritis generally affects the people of 45 and above age group. Degeneration of bones and muscles is the main cause of this arthritis.

Non-inflammatory arthritis may be accompanied with swelling, inflammation, tearing, or changes in bone around the joining tendons and pain when a person tries to bend or move the arm above the head, behind the back, or straight out in front. This type of arthritis causes pain by soreness of the tendon, the cord that attaches a muscle to a bone. The tendon connects bones and muscles.

Inflammatory arthritis

This type of arthritis is caused by the reaction of the autoimmune system. Sometimes antibodies develop against components of joint tissue and mistakenly and aggressively attack the joints in the body, destroying cartilage, synovial fluid, bone and joint tissue. In the back area of the body, joints of the neck, shoulders, elbows and hips are commonly affected by inflammatory arthritis. This arthritis leads to a chronic condition that affects the entire body. It can cause fatigue, weight loss and anemia. This type of inflammatory arthritis affects women three times more than men.

Nine early signs of arthritis in the back

1) The early symptom of arthritis is often found with a very slight pain in the joints which gradually increases in intensity over the course of many years.

2) Stiffness or pain after strenuous exertion and uneasiness to operate the joints is the primary symptom experienced first. Stiffness may also tend to follow long periods of inactivity.

3) There may be a crunching feeling or crackling sound when the joint is used and loss of mobility in the long run.

4) The early symptoms of inflammatory arthritis can be seen after a prolonged illness or a period of emotional stress.

5) Morning stiffness may dissipate within 30 minutes of waking. But sometimes it may last longer than two hours.

6) Fatigue, lack of energy, a kind of laziness to work can also be found as the early signs of arthritis.

7) There may be occasional fever, with a general sense of malaise.

8) Weight loss and loss of appetite may also signs of early arthritis.

9) The pain in the joints may increase in a humid weather.


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author avatar juny
29th Aug 2011 (#)

Nice information and very useful.
I need to take care then since I am about to reach the age where arthritis commonly attack people.

Have a good day and thanks for this interesting fact.

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author avatar vpaulose
30th Aug 2011 (#)

Thank you dear friend.

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author avatar Lila Bangsawan
30th Aug 2011 (#)

I've been feeling this non-inflammatory arthritis on my shoulder since my 40th of age. Thanks a lot for this useful info.

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author avatar vpaulose
30th Aug 2011 (#)

Thank you dear sister Lila.

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author avatar Kristy flowers
16th May 2013 (#)

Is it possible tp have this at30??

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author avatar Kristy flowers
16th May 2013 (#)

Can you have this at 30 ??

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author avatar Kristy flowers
16th May 2013 (#)

The stiffness in the moring is so unberable.. It gets a little better throughout he day but definatley limits my mobility.

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author avatar Heather Pucheu
22nd May 2013 (#)

I have non-inflammatory Arthritis. I was diagnosed 5 years ago with Degenerative Bone Disease. Now I have lost almost full use of my left shoulder and it is carring over to the right. I am only 37years old. I urge you if you have any of these symptoms see a specialist. It May be small at the time but remember small things add up to something big in the end. Thank you for posting something useful for those who are unknowing. May Your Stress Be Less and Your Life Be Blessed!

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