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This post is my personal experience with an All Natural Alternative to medicine and how it helped me become pain free and got me so I don't have to carry Nitro for my heart any more!

Chronic Back Pain

I have dealt with chronic back pain for 20 years because of a really bad horse accident. I don't remember six months after the wreck, so needless to say, it was a bad one. As the years wore on the lower back is what had all but crippled me. I couldn't walk, couldn't sleep, and eventually lost control of my bladder. At which point I finally agreed to have surgery and fix it. But luckily my Dad and Step-Mom had been taking an all natural drink that was developed almost 40 years ago by a doctor to save his own life from heart disease. My Step-Mom has MS and my Dad had arthritis and heart disease. They had been on the stuff three days and my Step-Mom's MS tremors were gone. Yes gone! They tried to get me to try the product but I had tried everything and said no thanks. They finally bought it for me and in 3 days I had control of my bladder and in less than a month I was pain free! I got cocky and didn't think I needed it anymore and went off the product. Seven days later I was right back to where I had been before, couldn't get out of bed, and in horrible pain. I went back on it and in two days was pain free again. I've gone off 3 times to do blood tests and see if scientifically it is working. The blood work proved my cholesterol and thyroid are perfect. After my blood tests, I will never be without it.

Why It Works

The reason it works is it is based on Nobel Prize winning science and is a combination of 100% natural amino acids designed to promote cardiovascular health. When your circulatory system is working right your body gets blood flow. In the blood are nutrients and oxygen the body requires to operate correctly. This allows the body to go in and promote its own health.

It Kept Me From Having Surgery Again

I fell in February and because my back is compromised from the old injuries, I ruptured a disk. But I didn’t hurt until the swelling got bad enough for the sciatica to hit and my foot to go completely numb. This stuff kept me going and not in pain. When the foot went dead we did an MRI. You can’t even see the spinal cord where the disk is ruptured. The fact I was still walking was incredible. But add to that, we found where my old back pain was so severe it has changed my vertebrae. The bones are striped white, gray, white instead of all gray. Oh, and with ugly arthritic spurs. The doc said the color changes were from long term swelling. He couldn’t believe I hadn’t already had my back fused. When I told him that until the rupture I have been pain free for 3 years he was blown away. This all natural drink is the only thing that has worked for me. If you are interested ask me in the Comments and I'll tell you more!


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
2nd Jan 2013 (#)

What is this amazing cure ?
bless you

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author avatar KRoss
6th Feb 2013 (#)

Good Morning Stella! I have not heard back from you about my amazing products so I thought I should just give you a website for you to check out. Please check out www.

Take care my writing friend!!

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author avatar KRoss
3rd Jan 2013 (#)

It is an amino acid complexor. I don't know how much I can say here so please email me at krosslkj at gmail . com and I will tell you all about it!

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author avatar Tony Barnes
23rd Jan 2013 (#)

Kris...will you email the info to my radio station email address?

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author avatar KRoss
24th Jan 2013 (#)

Yes, of course!

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