Non-drug treatment for Asthma

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If you are a parent and your child suffers asthma symptoms chronically, you may feel worried about the long-term drug treatment might also hurt the health of your kid. Therefore, besides offering drug treatment to your child, you’d better find some non-drug treatments to strengthen the curing effect and help relieve the asthma symptoms. You may consult the following tips to get some helpful ideas:

Non-drug treatment for Asthma

Tip No.1 - Give two big glasses of warm water to deal with the emergency situation.

If you bring your family to go camping and forget to bring enough medicine for your child while he or she suddenly shows the symptoms of asthma, what can you do on this emergency moment before you can bring him or her to hospital or call ambulance service? You can warm two big glasses of water and let your child drink it. The big volume of warm water can effectively warm up your child’s body, as well as his or her respiratory system. It helps relieve bronchial contraction.

Tip No.2 - Shut the environmental triggers out of home door.

The most familiar bronchial inflammation. Therefore, you’d better avoid exposing your child to allergens and irritants.

You and your family members should change the clothes at the entry of your house or apartment as not to bring the outdoor allergens back home. Besides, it’s not recommended to keep any hairy pet at home. If other family members insist keeping some hairy pet at home, you should at least set a rule that the pet is not allowed entering your child’s bedroom.

Tip No.3 - Help your child relax his or her mind.

Sometimes, asthma can be triggered by nervous emotions. The more your child feels nervous, the more possible your kid can be attacked by asthma. Therefore, you should teach your child how to deal with the pressure in the life or study.

Tip No.4 - Wash bedding and stuffed animals often in hot water.

Hot water is best agent for killing and removing the bacteria and allergens stained on the cloth. Furthermore, some chemical detergent products can also be allergen to your child with asthma. Therefore, when you wash the stuff of your kid, you should not overload the detergent. In fact, using hot water is a better way to kill and remove the bacteria and allergens.

Besides, you should clean your house or apartment frequently with a vacuum with a fine filter. This is the most effective way to remove the dust mites, animal dander, mold spores and pollen out of your house and apartment.


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