Nothing can Take the Place of Persistence - September 24th's Inspiration

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How persistent are you? Probably a question you have never been asked. Yet in life we start from having no understanding, to being confused (and also probably inconsistent), to growing, to developing an understanding, then finding a way forward and with persistence we should find the path to success.

Getting There

I remember with joy as a child watching for the steam-train to come into the station. The toot-toot of the whistle and the screech of the brakes on the track announced the arrival of the train. My brother and I used to take joy in listening for the train from London as it proceeded through the tunnel. The whistle blew the instant it emerged from the tunnel, making the noise have an extra echo as it approached the station.

One thing was sure, even if the train was late, it would eventually arrive. People would exit its carriages with an excitement of having arrived, while others waited to embark with an anticipation of commencing their journey.

The thing about train journeys was that they were not always direct, often you had to travel to another location in order to reach your final destination. Back in 1960's England it seemed as if a train could take you anywhere you needed to go. Getting there was a matter of planning, perseverance, and persistence. So there is a similar need in life.


Planning is defined as "The process of making plans for something"

Do you plan everything in you life? No of course you do not, there are things that you do naturally everyday of your life - you do not need a plan for these. But you should always plan the important things in your life, those projects that need your attention, the tasks that need completing TODAY, etc.

When something comes along that is not in your plan you should question it, because it interrupts your needs. Unplanned elements in our day are usually the ones that cause us most friction. This can start with the car unexpectedly being very low on fuel during our morning commute (eventhough this is something we should easily get over) but it can scale up to unexpected workloads, such as the boss demanding that you drop everything you are working on and produce a special report.

Your work has not gone away - it has simply been delayed by this new, unplanned, project being imposed on you; this will in time add extra pressure on you as your existing tasks still need to be completed on time.

We like our plans to run smoothly, but they rarely do.


Perseverance is defined as either "Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success" or "Continuance in a state of grace leading finally to a state of glory".

Both of these definitions have some relevance to this topic. Success will come to those who have a goal in mind and persevere, despite all the challenges faced. Edison is frequently used as an example of perseverance, he knew that electric light was possible and through dogged determination made it happen. Of course he had a large number of failings on the way, but knowing that the end result was possible he made it happen.

Great people persevere when that have a vision or an aim in mind, so must you even when it relates to the everyday things that you do. Those around you will be grateful for your efforts at the end of the day.


Persistence is defined as either "Firm continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition" or "The continued or prolonged existence of something".

Both are relevant here. If you know something is the right approach then you should persist in proving it to be valid, despite any opposition to the ideas you have or any obstacles faced along the path.

When managing projects I have always said the best approach is to "ring-fence" major obstacles. By sidelining them it does mean you can complete the current task you are working on (eventhough it is necessary to document the obstacle identified). You can then tackle the specific obstacle using a planned approach at a later date and usually when approached this way the obstacle becomes much less of a problem.

Not all obstacles can be sidelined because they drive to the nub of the problem and these have to be tackled head on. At the end of the day your persistence will pay off.

This Inspirational Series

The basic idea behind this inspirational thought of the day column is to question and inspire you to be better than you are right now. Inspirational thinking is an elemental part of human development. Such thinking should be encouraged because it helps us improve. We start from having no understanding, to being confused (and also probably inconsistent), to growing, to developing an understanding, then finding a way forward and with persistence we should find the path to success.

Often the contributing factor to bringing about positive change is to question why and do something different, once you have made a change then you must make it consistent and habit forming to empower your personal growth.

The following are recent contributions from this 'inspirational thought of the day' series:

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25th Sep 2012 (#)

Good & insightful.

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author avatar DuitByJames
28th Sep 2012 (#)

I think Edison was also very adept in finding financial backing and being able to take advantage of the many immigrant scientist and engineers that were very much a part of his success. I find that being honest with yourself and knowing when you need help is one of the first steps to confidence. Than kyou for your continued inspiration.

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