November Thought of Passion Flower

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Sometimes we are reminded of good things at the last minute. Passion flower is such a last minute thought of November. November is meant for peaceful rest and passion flower assures you a peaceful rest and a healthy life. Read on to find out how passion flower fits into the title “November Thought of Passion Flower”.

November thought of passion

November has reached its end this year. It brings the last days of Fall towards a cold winter. Fall is the month when nature prepares itself to fall into sleep. Leaves change color and wear their night dress. Then they fall and go to sleep on the ground. The white blanket of snow will cover them to provide a good sleep.

November is the month when the Christian world thinks of those who have gone to eternal sleep. It honors the people who have already gone to “eternal sleep” by celebrating the feasts of All Saints Day and All Souls Day. After their days of hard work, people almost all over the world celebrate festivals of harvest and Thanksgiving in sharing rest, joy and gratitude.

Sleep is very important for every life

Nature reminds us the importance of peaceful sleep. Modern man is running after making money. The importance of sleep cannot be forgotten in this mad running after adding money.

A good night’s sleep dawns into a healthy day. Sleep is one of life’s most necessary needs for good health, and mental as well as emotional functioning. A good sleep has a significant impact on your energy, mood and productivity during the day.

Passion flower the promise of good sleep

Today man has all the comforts in life except a good sleep. He is struggling hard to get a good sleep. Passion flower which is associated as a religious symbol with the passion of Jesus is a common herbal plant that promises good sleep. Native Americans have been using it for centuries as a home remedy for for anxiety, insomnia, pain relief and relaxing muscles.

Passion flower a remedy for peaceful rest

Passion flower is therapeutically used as a supplement for relieving pains and relaxing the body. All the parts of the plant, leaves, flowers, stems and even the root, are used as remedies in various compounds. Alternative medicines use this flower in many ways for its calming abilities for sedation and digestion.

Studies reveal that passion flower extracts can reduce agitation and anxiety and provide good sleep. There are several constituents in this plant that are credited with causing sedative effect.

How to use passion flower?

Passion flower extracts, in the forms of powder and tincture, are available today in the commercial world. The dried flowers can be steeped in boiling water and used as tea. The tincture may be available in an alcohol base. If it is bitter in taste and difficult to swallow, it may be diluted in water.

The alkaloids found in passion flower may affect the nursing moms. Although passion flower is a good remedy for good sleep, it is not advisable to use without the guidance of a doctor, since it cannot treat the cause of sleeplessness. You may think of passion flower as the last resort for a good sleep.


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1st Dec 2012 (#)

Thank you so much for this very important topic! I have been suffering from insomnia on and off for over 20 years now. I will get some passion flower!!

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1st Dec 2012 (#)

Thank you sister.

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