Obsessive Compulsive Reactions As Significant Psychoneurotic Problems

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The symptoms of obsessive compulsive reaction include extreme doubt, unreasonable fears, undue worry, lack of confidence and tendency to perform some acts or thought without rational consideration.


Examples of obsessive compulsive reactions could be seen in an individual’s attitude to climbing a staircase, excessive washing of hands, touching certain things while walking. When the individual fails to do any of these obsessive- compulsive reactions, he becomes uncomfortable, but if he/she is able to do them, the individual rationalizes to justify the compulsive acts. Almost everybody performs compulsive acts to a limited degree. It becomes an obsession when their lives depend on it, when they feel anxious that something terrible is about to happen when the compulsive acts are ignored.

Obsessive thinking is easily accompanied by anxiety and when individuals are buried in their obsessive- compulsive reactions, they may find it difficult to function effectively and this may in turn lead them to feel absolutely useless.

Causes Of Obsessive Compulsive Reaction

The causes of obsessive thoughts include:

• Thoughts through which unpleasant ideas may be discouraged or barred from entering the consciousness
• Obsessive thoughts may be caused by expression of hostile feelings
• They may serve as a reaction formation to hidden desires or impulses
• They may also serve as extreme guilt feelings
• Obsessive thoughts could be an individual’s method of avoiding threatening reality situations.
• They may serve as defense reactions to certain thoughts or fears.
• Obsessive thoughts may also reflect past traumatic experiences.

In a particular case study, a young mother aged 25 claimed she was always calling the director of her child’s kindergarten to inquire about the welfare of her daughter. Through therapy, it was realized, the young woman was overprotected and pampered by her own father and was not allowed to develop adequate independence in her own formative years. Also through therapy, her true feelings for her daughter was diagnosed. Calling her daughter’s school was just a cover up to the hostility she had towards her (her daughter), considering the responsibility of a mother which she was unwilling to take. The obsessive thoughts of how much she worried over her daughter made it possible for her to avoid the true feelings she had for the girl.

Management Of Obsessive Compulsive Reaction

The management strategies of obsessive compulsive reactions, which often result in obsessive thoughts, should be centered on the casual factors. If the behaviour is a result of the individual’s particular past incidences, it should be diagnosed through proper counseling and the obsessive compulsive individuals should be made aware of such particular past incidence. If on the other hand, the obsessive thought is caused by the individual’s past experiences and personality development, the counseling should be focused on an extensive personality diagnosis of the obsessive-compulsive individual. Therapy should assist the individual to explore his or her irrational fears and anxieties, which have led to the compulsive behaviour.

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