Okra Health Benefits Diabetes And Side Effect

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Okra or lady finger has loads of health benefits which you don't know.It is boon for diabetes patient.Discover the hidden benefits for it here


Okra is commonly known as lady finger.It is used as vegetable. It is cultivated in all around the world. It has number of health benefit but very few people know about it.

History And Origin

Egyptian people in 12th century, were extensively using it in their diet. They grown it heavily on their land. Before that African people was first to use it in their food. In around 1600 century, it came in south and central America. It is notion that mainly the slaves who came back in these countries brought it with them.

Name Of Okra

The scientific name of okra is Hibiscus esculentus Linn. Its other name is gombo,bhindi,okoro .

Okra plant

Okra plant grow in less water.It leaves are green in color and can be 10 cm long. Its flower are white, yellow colors. Okra is green in color. It is mainly grown in warm temperature.Okra is now grown in all over the world

Okra Health Benefits

1.It is used to thicken the soup and any liquid mixture.

2.Okra contain mucilage that helps in smooth digestion of food. It also cure constipation. Mucilage is glue like thing found chia seeds and okra.It is one the laxative.

3.It is important source of minerals like iron,potassium and magnesium

Okra And Weight Loss

4.It is low calories food.In about 100 gram of okra,there will be only 30 calorie.Thus it is boon for women and men who want to control their weight or lose it.

Contain Vitamin And Minerals

5.It contains vitamin A,B6 and C. Especially if pregnant women eat it ,it prevents body defect in born child.

6.As it is importance source of fiber,it absorb extra toxins,cholesterol and eliminate it through stool.Thus saves you from heart diseases.

7.Okra is also important source of vitamin k.Vitamin k rich food helps in blood clotting,preventing prostate and lung cancer.Protect you from heart disease

Okra And Diabetes

8.Okar is boon for diabetic patient. It can balance the sugar level in the blood.It is normally dipped in water in night and next day, you have to drink the water in which okra was soaked. It helps in reduction of absorption of another sugar form-glucose, thus balances the sugar level.

Side effect of okra

It has lots of benefits which can easily eclipse it side effect. It has only one defect is that it can affect the fertility of men. Other than that there no cause of concern. Research is going on this field.

At Last
So we can say is that okra or lady finger is treasure of health benefit.For people who want
to do weight loss or reduce their sugar level should use it


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very informative article. Thank-you for all the great information.

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2nd Dec 2015 (#)

Thank you for this article, now i learn that it is a great vegetable!

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