Old Wives Tales – True or False?

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It is pretty easy for us to dismiss Old Wives tales as being myths, however there is is a grain of truth to many of them. So which ones are true and which are false? It is also worth remembering that they may have survived for many generations because there is more than a little bit of truth to them.

Where Do They Come Up With This Stuff

Scientists in New Zealand recently discovered that honey from bees feeding on tea tree bushes kills the Helicobacter pylori bug, a common cause of stomach ulcers. There are many medical myths that are not true and to help you figure out what is fact and what is fiction, read on to find out more:

Myths That Do Not Work

An hour’s sleep before midnight is worth two hours after midnight

This is rubbish. It has always been recommended that eight hours sleep is what we need. One hours sleep is exactly that, one hours worth of sleep. It does not matter what the time is, you will still benefit from that extra hour no matter whether you fell asleep at nine pm and woke up a five am or if you slept at one am until nine am. It is when you don’t get your eight hours that you will feel tired.

Extra virgin olive oil is less fattening than other oils:

This is not true either. Olive oil has many health benefits and contains the good monounsaturated fatty acids, it has the same calorie count as every other oil on the market. All oils have 899 calories in every 100 grams.

Brown bread is healthier than white bread

This is a myth indeed, this premise has never been proven and it is the advertising companies who started this going around. People actually believe it too. Most brown bread is white bread with coloring added and a tiny bit of fibre. Whole-meal bread is really the bread you should be referring to when you talk about which bread is the healthiest.

Cravings mean that your body needs that food:

This one sounds like an excuse to eat bad food. It’s pretty clear that your body did not need that huge bar of chocolate you ate last night. Cravings are about what you want or feel like eating and have nothing to do with what your body might need. Some people do believe however, that craving salt or sugar may be your body telling you that you don’t have enough sodium in your system or your blood sugar is low. That sounds a lot more believable.

All germs cause disease:

Rubbish; another tall story. There are many bacteria which are essential to your body’s health. When good bacteria is lost, some may end up with a yeast infection or thrush. This good bacteria lives in your mouth and your digestive system as well as your skin. They are harmless and protect you by fighting off bad germs. Good bacteria is also in our food, like yogurt or kefir. Some people choose to make kefir so that they can replace the good bacteria when they are taking antibiotics which can kill good bacteria as well as the bad germs.

Washing your hair every day strips it of all goodness:

This lie came from hairdressers who would try to get you to go get your hair washed at their salon once a week. There are a great many people who don’t wash their hair every day and some that do; it all comes down to personal choice in the end. And for most it has nothing to do with stripping the good stuff from your hair. I had a hair dresser tell me it was easier to cut my hair when it’s dirty and since I started cutting my own hair, I agree with her.

Feather pillows are bad for asthma:

In actual fact feather pillows and doonas are supposed to be better for asthma than the synthetic type. Foam or polyester can harbor more dust mites and this can irritate asthma or someone with allergies. Feather pillows are generally softer and much better for your neck, and they are certainly great for people with back injuries. I can testify to that.

Grapefruit will make your body burn extra calories and help you lose weight:

False, this idea came from the grapefruit diet. Apparently if you eat nothing but grapefruits and hard boiled eggs you will lose weight. Having said that; you will be unhealthy and extremely constipated, this will be very painful indeed. Grapefruit is a valuable food to eat in a balanced diet as are eggs, but restricting your meals to just grapefruit and eggs could make you sick instead of thin.

Strawberries make arthritis worse:

Seriously? Strawberries inflame arthritis. The opposite is in fact true. They are a good remedy for anyone suffering arthritis. Eating a few of these and other berries will help the arthritis pain, not inflame it.

So there are a few grandmother old wives tales that definitely do not work. There are some old wives tales that do work and I will be covering those in my next article. So stay tuned and watch this space.

What are five foods that will help your body's hydration? Five Foods that will Keep you Hydrated and these are not old wive's tales.

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author avatar Retired
27th Jul 2013 (#)

Very informative share.

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author avatar Evanxbls
27th Jul 2013 (#)

I didnt' know about these wives tales. Thanks for enlightening me.

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author avatar AlphabetAmy
27th Jul 2013 (#)

I hadn't heard of some of these, but have heard many good things about tea tree oil. With so many false claims made online and on TV to sell products, it's hard to know what to believe. A little research to find real results usually helps me get to the truth, or at least close. Thanks for the info!

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author avatar Mariah
27th Jul 2013 (#)

Well this is an eye opener Janelle.
Thank you for this valuable share, I've learned a lot from this information

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26th Mar 2014 (#)

Interesting article!

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