On the use of cell phones and people's bad manners

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Every modern gadget has its use and misuse and we should know when to use any of them appropiately.

On the use of cell phones and people's bad manners

The last time I travelled by coach on a long journey, the driver held several conversations over his mobile telephone as he drove and for what all of us could hear were not important ones. He could have made these calls when we had stopped for a break.
People started to be nervous and to get annoyed.

This driver's reply was that it was none of our business to whom he called up and for what reason and a general uproar was that our own safety was.

A mother was shocked when she saw her girl's cell phone bill. She just couldn't have spent that much! She yelled at the girl. Someone recommended her to get her a pre paid cell phone. Therefore, if there was no money to top up, there wouldn't be chats with peers for hours on end and no shocks on receving a bill.either.

When a cell phone will be useful

- When one needs to tell someone something important and there's no other telephone available.

- For older people living on their own.

- When we are sick in a hospital.

When we shouldn't use a cell phone

- Obviously when driving unless one uses a hands free one.Otherwise, a driver has to focus on the road and other passing cars with this two hands on the wheel.

- When walking in the streets or crossing at traffic lights. These people who do so they don't realise that they could jump onto someone else walking opposite. They could be an older person or a small child.

- When journeying on public transport. How annoying it is to hear thousands of tunes calling up and most of the time it's for a chit-chat.

- At cinmeas, theatres or concert halls. In these venues, they've already banned the use of mobile telephones, but there's always someone who forgets to switch it off.

- I wonder why a school child needs a cell phone to call up their peers when they've seen each other at school.

I'm not against these gadgets, but the trouble is that many people use them as though these were their toy to be used whenever they suit them.

On the last time I went with a friend for a coffee and a chat, I abandoned her after her mobile telephone rang three times and she had to go out to unswer them and she even interrupted our conversation to text them a message.

This is plain bad manners, I'd say, even if they apologize afterwards.

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