One Apple A Day- Does it Really keep the Doctor Away?

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Apple is one of the most nutritious and healthy fruits ever. However it is often not valued as much as other juicy fruits like orange. my article will convince you that apple is as healthy as, if not healthier, than other fruits.

Benefits of Apple

Apple is one of the healthiest fruits available and is highly regarded for its nutritional properties. Below, I have listed some must read advantages of consuming apples.
Apple contains anti-oxidants which are chemical compounds with disease fighting capabilities. Normal cell activity causes oxidative damage which is prevented and repaired by anti-oxidants. Apple also contains the fibre pectin which is useful to our body in numerous ways, the most important of them being lowering of cholesterol. Having one apple a day reduces the chances of developing diabetes type-2. Apple is also a source of Vitamin-C. Having apple regularly reduces the chances of acquiring lung cancer, colon cancer and other types of cancers. Apple contains a flavonoid called phloridzin. This flavonoid is found in apples only and helps in making the bones healthier. Apple reduces the effects of aging on the brain and prevents Alzheimer's. Apple triggers off the production of saliva in the mouth and helps maintain healthy teeth by preventing bacterial damage. Apple is highly rich in fibre and prevents
gallstones. It is also good for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. It helps you remain in good shape. It also detoxifies your liver. It helps maintain a healthy heart. It also fights against diarrhoea and constipation. The fibre content of apple helps prevent hemorrhoids, which is a very painful disease causing a vein the anal canal to swell. Apple also helps increase the power of your immunity system.It is also good for the prevention of cataracts. It also reduces the risks of Parkinson's Disease. Thus apples are extremely good at preventing several painful and life-taking diseases and reducing your expenditure on medicines. So it is always wise to have at least one apple a day, because, prevention is always better than cure.
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Well they do say if the Doctor is handsome, keep the Doctor Away...
Well your, name does say Angel of Light and the Doctor will give you the lust with the bobbing Adam's Apple and a Serpent that tempted both. I am going Who is Like God, no apples right now from the Tree of Life.

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