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This article will give a brief summary of what health benefits can be attained from the consumption of Onions, a glimpse at the history of it's medicinal effects as-well.


Onions are a staple to the diets of most of the world from Europe to the Americas, To Asia and Africa.

The anti-bacterial components the Onion uses for it's survival in nature are beneficial for consumption(in moderation), it contains sulfides which are anti-microbial and are responsible for it's strong flavor. As-well as phenolic acids and flavonoids, less are found in the milder strains such as the western white onion however.

When consumed the sulfides and phenolic acids will 'clean' your stomach and upper digestive tracts and urinary tract, though too much of anything can be a bad thing.. It's easy to burn your mouth, throat, or stomach by eating onions in large quantities -raw-, however, when cooked, they're much less acidic and you shouldn't run into any issues within reason. They also work as a pre-biotic for certain good bacteria in your intestines, prebiotics feed already existing bacteria and promote their growth over harmful microbes, cooked Onion has the same prebiotic value as whole wheat grain.

Onion also works similarly to Garlic in the sense that it can be used as a remedy for bladder or urinary tract infections, though often it's used in conjunction with Garlic, not on it's own.

Ancient Greek athletes supposedly had eaten large amounts of Onion because it lightened the balance of the blood, the odd thing is, they do reduce the amount platelets clump and do thin blood. In mid-evil France, farmers would feed raw onions to their horses when they got clots in their legs, it was done in success amidst many other mid-evil medicines failing. Quercetin, a flavonoid (anti-oxidant) found in Onions has been medically proven to thin the blood, and reduce blood pressure in cases of hypertension.

Along with helping your digestive system and your blood vessels, the onion has been known to help your skin also. The stench caused by eating too many Onions is due to the good amount of sulfides in them, the sulfides are removed through your pores and sit on your skin. This effect can be used to deter bugs of almost every variety, it can also be used to reduce body acne and skin ailments, as the sulfides are heavily anti-microbial.

Not to say that you should let it sit on your skin intentionally for this reason, always wash regularly.. I hope this has been informative to you.

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