Oracles, Divinations and Astrology

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Many religious teachers tell you not to practise oracles, divinations and astrology. But they are the ones doing it now. Find out for yourselves.

Must you practise Oracles, Divinations and Astrology?

Oracles, Divinations and Astrology existed before Sakyamuni was born. He personally advised us not to praticse them because they can corrupt extremely, and thus causing you to delay your enlightenment. Those powers come to you naturally when you practise meditation up to a certain level. They are the by-products. These low arts were local culture of the countries before Buddhism was introduced there. Obviously those monks knew all these pre-Buddhist local culture influences must not be denigrated. The Buddhist monks did not practice these arts. However, some people put on the monks’ ropes to practise these arts for some reason and also to earn a living. So those who hated Buddhism or were jealous of the religion used these as weapons to run down Buddhism. The Buddhists never kill others who refused to become Buddhists. In fact no one was ever forced to become a Buddhist during the past 2600 years.
A son wanted to learn astrology from his father and the father told him that skill would be unfair to many others because if you predict some very bad omens for a person, you put him on a death sentence. A person with such death sentence may be able to avoid the evil kamma if he does lots of good deeds now. If he must face those evils, you cannot help him. Just like if I owed you $2000.00 while I was in the U.S. five years ago, and you meet me today in Singapore, can I refuse to pay up that amount?
Kamma works on an auto-system. Good begets good and evil begets evil. Oracles. Divinations and Astrology will not help you to dissolve your bad kamma. It is indeed naive to think that you can cheat in your business and then come to meditation center to have your defilements erased. It would be like having the idea that kamma only gets hold of the Buddhists. Then fire must only burn the Buddhists?
For some religious followers, it is easy just to believe what they have been told. The lord is definitely waiting for them in heaven. The Buddhist Path requires courage, patience, flexibility and intelligence.
Many people ask : What is the use of practice if you cannot attain Nibbana in this life. The inviolable truth is, there are some who can attain Nibbana during this life. For the majority of us, by the next life, we will be more matured and we will continue to practice until we attain our goal. For the Buddhists there is no royal road to Nibbana.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
4th Feb 2014 (#)

most interesting indeed....

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author avatar pohtiongho
4th Feb 2014 (#)

Carolina: thanks for the compliment

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author avatar pohtiongho
4th Feb 2014 (#)

Full-fledged Buddhist monks don't practise oracles, divinations and astrology. They live in the Buddhist Temples. Those monks you meet on the streets live in hotels. They are not monks. They practised meditation for some time and have some limitted abilities to tell the future or to cure some illnesses. They receive a fee for these services. There is no law in any country stating that people who are not monks cannot don the robes.

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author avatar pohtiongho
7th Feb 2014 (#)

After the aboive article was published I have heard more complaints on Buddhist monks. So I add in the following to clarify the matter:
I have heard many people complaining about the behavior of the Buddhist monks. The truth is these poor guys were barking at the wrong trees. There is no country on this planet having a law stating that only Buddhist monks can don the robes. So many people, after learning meditation for some time are able to pretend they are full-fledged monks. They don the robes in foreign countries like the U.S., Canada etc to earn a living. They do not live in the temples. They live in private houses or hotels. During the time practising meditation, they learned some skills to heal illnesses and they are also able to teach meditation. Most of the victims are women who are fed up by boring and dreary life. They approach these pretenders for help and for many women after a few lessons on meditation they really begin to realize that they benefit from these practices. The trust for the newly found teacher has been established and when the time and place are right, these pretenders enjoy getting laid. They receive money and enjoyment.

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author avatar pohtiongho
20th Feb 2014 (#)

For those who are new to Buddhism, please read on :
Paritta recitals is a form of declaration of truth which generates the power of protection and salvation. They are used to avert dangers or to ward off the influence of harmful beings. You may say they are used to obtain protection and deliverance from evil, promote health, prosperity, welfare and wellbeing.
The chanting of Parittas will also eradicate all the corruptions which are obstructing you on the way to Enlightenment. While chanting you invoke the mighty powers and the virtues of all the holy saints. Those powers are called to mind and this creates strength. During times of disaster, sickness, and difficulties, they may be useful if you believe them.

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