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On your next visit to your dentist, don't just get your teeth cleaned or filling. You should taking an important step for better health for your complete body. It is not a hidden fact that our oral health effects our complete health, but the relation is much important than many people know.

Connecting Oral Health And Overall Health In LEP Patients

Particularly if the patient is a non-native English speaker, we dental professionals sometimes have problems communicating the technical aspects of, and importance of, everyday preventative dental care to our patients. Many times, regardless of the social or professional context, the best way to bridge this understanding gap is to find common ground and use it to promote understanding.

The typical Limited English Proficiency dental patient has excellent conversational skills but an exposition on dental hygiene will most likely fall on deaf ears.

When an LEP patient comes into the office for a routine checkup, you immediately know that the patient has an interest in overall health and fitness. Very often, this common ground is all you need to establish a good rapport.

Look For the Signs:

People who are physically active and exercise daily understand that they need to keep an eye on their bodies, which could mean something as simple as checking one of the best oximeters to measure basic data like heart rate and blood oxygen saturation.

While there is no hand-held gadget to measure mouth bacteria, encourage patients to give themselves visual checkups with every brushing and with every meal. If they see any tooth or gum discoloration or swelling, there may be an issue. Likewise, if their teeth are pressure or temperature system, there may also be a problem.

Less is More:

Many people scrub their teeth like they scrub a sink, and LEP patients probably cannot understand enamel breakdown and other such clinical phrases.

Once again, an exercise metaphor may help you communicate this critical information. In weight training, ten or fifteen reps with a light weight does more good than five or six reps with a much heavier weight, and in fact, the latter can even cause serious injury in some cases.

Similarly, brushing teeth lightly for two minutes does more good than scrubbing teeth for thirty seconds. Once the patient has a better idea of what you’re talking about, you can then get into enamel breakdown, because we all like to sound clinical with our patients, and our patients need and expect us to behave that way, at least to some extent.

Exercise Your Teeth:

Physical fitness is good for all parts of the body, and that includes the mouth, largely to prevent, or at least limit, unhealthy habits and chronic pain.

Grinding teeth can not only cause pain, but also break down enamel and lead to other serious problems. A simple bruxism exercise routine can help address the emotional triggers that lead to tooth grinding, and also the grinding itself.

Temporomandibular joints (TMJ) is sometimes an issue as well. With LEP patients, you may want to just skip the clinical term and simply talk about face pain, especially in the jaw. These exercises, and others like them, can help reduce or eliminate this discomfort.

The Dentist is Your Friend:

Be sure and congratulate LEP patients for seeing a dentist for preventative care in the first place, because for many, simply making the appointment may have been a very significant step.

Furthermore, remind these patients that just like they address physical injury by seeing a doctor, they should address any dental issues by seeing a dentist. Chances are, there is no serious problem, but even in these cases, the patient will have added peace of mind, and that’s something that sounds good in any language.

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