Organic Food A Better Choice.

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The use of natural fertilizers was replaced by chemical fertilizers because it helped in large production at a cheaper rate with minimum loss. But, these conventional food crops also develops various types of health hazards not only to the cultivator but also to the consumer.

What Is Organic Food ?

The craze for organic food is growing round the globe and not only in India because it is devoid of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. That is the striking feature of organic food which makes it stand apart from our conventional type of food. It is not subjected to food irradiation and is not genetically modified. Animal products like meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products come from animals which are not injected with antibiotics or growth hormones. And they are free from the side effects of drugs and safe for consumption. Drugs are given only if there is a genuine health disorder otherwise even that is avoided.
Organic food is not only beneficial for health but also tastes better than our conventional food. Organic fruits and vegetables contain more juice and flavour than our conventional fruits. Organic food symbolises our return to nature. Organic foods are more nutritious and contain 50% more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They are more rich in vitamin A, B and C which are required to fight chemical toxins in body. Organic food is also rich in minerals such as chromium and selenium which protect us against diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
Organic food is free of harmful chemicals like artificial pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers. They are free from antibiotics and anti-parasite drugs that are fed to cows and farm animals. Harmful and heavy metals like aluminium, cadmium, lead and mercury are found in a very low percentage. Organic food also prevents neurological disorders. Organic food crops are extremely safe for cultivation. It prevents more than 25 million workers who are involved in agriculture in Asian countries from contacting fatal diseases which normally occurs due to the use of chemical fertilizers.
Another major benefit of organic farming is it is environment friendly. The farms which produce organic crops support and nurture our diverse wildlife. It doesn't causes soil erosion like chemical fertilizers and saves the life of birds and animals around. Organic food production is expensive in comparison to our conventional food for it's production yield is low and involves more labour. But, all this has not affected it's demand in market because there is a growing awareness among people regarding it's benefits. The sale of organic food products is high in developed countries. whereas in third world countries conventional food still captures the market since it is easily affordable.
In recent times branded health food items have also entered the market in the form of herbs, cereals, fruits etc. Besides, we also have ginseng (root of ginseng herb), wheat grass (juice of young wheat plant), alfalfa (herb), tofu (soya cheese) etc. They are not only more nutritious but also contain medicinal properties. With the dangers of pesticides and fast food health food is considered a better option.
Genetically Modified Food
Science has been used to produce engineered plant and animal food and such food products are considered as Genetically Modified Food (GMF). It Brings up certain characteristic changes in plants and animals. Genes can be transferred from one organism to another. Genes from humans have been tranferred into mice, from fish into tomatoes and so on. Oranges are now rich in vitamins and tomatoes have more cancer fighting substances, rice contains more nutrition and cotton plants produce their own pesticides. Countries like U.S.A, China, Brazil and Canada are the major producers of genetically modified crops. How healthy Genetically modified crops are is not yet well known but certain dangers have surfaced when these modified genes from food are transferred to human beings. They may cause allergies transform intestinal flora into pesticide factories, lead to an over production of allergens and antibiotic resistant diseases have seemed to have developed in human beings.


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29th Apr 2014 (#)

Very important to eat organic, the only way to be sure you arn't ingesting GMO's in Canada.

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