Osteopenia – Causes and Treatment

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Until yesterday from the time I met my doctor, I had not even heard of Osteopenia. Only when he pointed out the risk of Osteopenia, did I start reading about it, prevention and treatment methods. Here is some information:
• What is Osteopenia?
• How do you know if you have Osteopenia?
• Which portions does Osteopenia affect?
• Risk of Vertebrae
• What can Increase the risk of Osteopenia/Osteoporosis?
• Treatment
• Natural Treatment Method

What is Osteopenia?

Osteopenia is all about bone density factors such as magnesium, calcium, exercise and diet, apart from vitamins such as C and D and Zinc. It is a pre-condition to Osteoporosis, Osteomalacia and Rickets.

Your bones get too weak, risking for broken bones in future. This can cause severe back pain and any kind of deformity if you neglect now.

How do you know if you have Osteopenia?

There is a test called T-score, which can compare our bone mineral density with the optimal BMD.

Score of -1.0 – Indicates normal BMD
Score of -1.0 - -2.5 – Indicates low bone mass (Osteopenia)
Score below -2.5 – Indicates Osteoporosis

Which portions does Osteopenia affect?

There is no specific portion as to affect particular part of the body. However, mostly, bones in the hip, wrist and spine also called vertebrae get affected. Vertebrae play a vital role in our body for sitting and standing postures.

Risk of Vertebrae

Vertebrae can cause severe risk for every woman when they perform activities like lifting or climbing stairs or bending forward.

• Hunched posture
• Protruding abdomen
• Height loss
• Back pain
• Sloping shoulders
• Curve in the back

What can Increase the risk of Osteopenia/Osteoporosis?

• Small and thin body structure (On an average under 127 pounds)
• Low testosterone levels in men
• Low diet, deficient of dairy products or Vitamins C and D
• Deficient of Calcium, Magnesium and zinc
• Inactive lifestyle
• Asian, Caucasian or African American and Hispanic women are at more risk
• Being female
• Family history of Osteoporosis
• Eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia nervosa
• Loss of bone tissue from too much exercise
• Postmenstrual of age
• Usage of medicines prescribed for Asthma, arthritis
• Excessive thyroid hormone medicines
• Loss of Estrogen due to menopause in women
• Consumption of alcohol, smoking


Treatment and cure is possible. The best way is to build strong bones from young age. If you are already old or around 30, then you can take following precautions to strengthen your bones:

Vitamin D
This is one form of consuming calcium also. Consume more milk and spend time in sunlight because sunlight and milk gives vitamin D. you can also consume vitamin D by eating in the form of food supplements such as Algae Cal.


For stronger bones, calcium along with vitamin D3 and K2 are required with magnesium. On an average, based on the age group and amount of intake per day is below:

9 – 18 years -- 1300 milligrams/day
19 – 50 years -- 1000 milligrams/day
51 and older --1200 milligrams/day


It is very essential to keep bones stronger and disease prevention. Consume more of legumes, grains, vegetables of green-leafy with chlorophyll and dark green in color. This increases dietary magnesium intake.

Vitamin K2
K2 is beneficial for our bones. Unlike others, you cannot consume this in the form of food or store in your body. Therefore, it must come with your diet on regular basis.

Natural Treatment Method

Take Algae cal plus as mentioned earlier for it combines all the above nutrients. You get calcium from plants here and bio-available pre-digested minerals including magnesium, trace minerals, D3 and K2 at full dosages.

Physical Activity

Being active can help you reduce your bone loss, improve muscle strength and also balance and prevent the damage of bones.

• Walk
• Run
• Dance
• Climb stairs
• Garden
• Yoga or tai chi
• Jog, hike, play tennis and lift weights.


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