Osteoporosis: Symptoms and Treatment

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Osteoporosis: A look at the Effects, Diagnosis, and Treatments of a diseases that effects many.

Weak Bones

Osteoporosis is a condition that affects many people both young and old, Male and Female. Osteoporosis is a condition meaning "porous bones", which causes bone density to become too low. The normal adult human bone has an approximate density of 1.0 gram per centimeter cubed while the bones of a sufferer can be as low as .22 grams per centimeter cubed. With such a low bone density bones have an increased chance of fractures due to deterioration and weakening. Height loss and hunching over are common symptoms of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis luckily is fairly easy to diagnose and treat. Prognosis is usually done by taking an x-ray of the hip. Deteriorating bones with lower densities appear fainter in x-rays. Treatments for osteoporosis consist but are not limited to calcium and vitamin D supplements, anti-bone weakening drugs, exercise and strength training. In fact weight bearing exercise has been found to help reverse the effects of osteoporosis. In extreme cases replacement surgeries can be used as treatment.

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